White Villa is managed by Yannis, Architect.
790 - 3065/night
Suitable for 6-21 people

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Overlooking Santorini - White Villa, in Santorini, Greece
— Yannis: “I always enjoy a relaxing vacation with my family and friends in the environment that the villa creates.”
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— What was your inspiration to restore the villa and rent it to holiday guests?

Yannis: “Being an architect, I was immediately intrigued by the building’s forms and spaces and in the overall vernacular architecture of the property. The spatial qualities that were there made me want to restore the property and make it into a livable home. The high vaulted ceilings with the thick masonry walls and the exterior spaces with the panoramic vistas of almost the whole island made me want to explore the possibilities of creating a habitation experience in an existing old non-housing building.”
Overlooking Santorini - White Villa, in Santorini, Greece
— Overlooking Santorini

— How would you describe the architecture and the style of the interior of the villa?

Yannis: “The interior of the villa is kept simple and it is restored with respect to the local architecture using local building techniques and materials (polished cement, red and black volcanic stones, wooden windows and doors designed for local weather patterns etc). Some machinery parts and other elements are kept and are integrated in the spaces reminding us of the past uses of the space. I believe that the architecture of the villa uses the traditional elements while creating a contemporary space with modern ideals.”
Living area - White Villa, in Santorini, Greece
— Living area

— What would you describe to be the essence of the villa, your philosophy?

Yannis: “The villa is unique in its location, architectural restoration and embodies my view on creating spaces that respect the traditional architecture while being simple and honest in terms of their materials. The villa is a complex spatial experience that brings guests together while living in a restored wine factory of the 15th century.”
 - White Villa, in Santorini, Greece

— There are four distinct units available for rental. Please tell us a bit about the facilities and services you are offering.

Yannis: “The villa is organized into four housing units on two main levels. Each unit has bathrooms, kitchen, dining area and living area. There is a total of 8 bedrooms, 7 full bathrooms and 2 half bathrooms.

In the exterior courtyards and terraces there are two large jacuzzis, one leisure pool with counter-current swimming and exterior dining areas. By the pool area there is a pool house that has a full kitchen and a large wooden dining table where, when we stay at the villa, we spend most of the time with our family.

When requested we can arrange for a cook to prepare local dishes for the guests. Due to its exterior layout the villa is often used for wedding ceremonies and dinners as well. The villa is fully equipped in terms of technology with satellite and internet TV, Blue Ray disk players, iPod docks, Bose sound systems and free Wi-Fi and LAN networks. When we stay at the villa during our holiday we almost never want to leave the premises…”
White Villa - White Villa, in Santorini, Greece
— White Villa

— How would you like your guests to remember their holiday?

Yannis: “It could be remembered as a warm and pleasant stay, having experienced the beautiful scenery of the island as well as this unique villa in the traditional village of Pyrgos Kallistis.”
Bedroom - White Villa, in Santorini, Greece
— Bedroom

— To you personally, what is so special about this villa rental?

Yannis: “Besides its architectural qualities that will always intrigue me and the effort that was put into completing this restoration project, I always enjoy a relaxing vacation with my family and friends in the environment that the villa creates.”
 - White Villa, in Santorini, Greece
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