Villa Sant Francesc is managed by Monica, the owner.
1357 - 4550/night
Suitable for up to 12 people

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Villa exterior and pool - Villa Sant Francesc, in Formentera, Spain
— Monica: “It’s like an escape to find peace and tranquility. The sunsets and sunrises are incredible, and the sky at night is amazing.”
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— How would you describe the holiday villa in a few words?

Monica: “It’s a haven to which I escape in Formentera, Spain, to find peace and tranquility: a very harmonious place where you can relax and be in contact with nature in the middle of a Mediterranean paradise.”
Villa exterior and pool - Villa Sant Francesc, in Formentera, Spain
— Villa exterior and pool

— What was your inspiration to build a luxury holiday home in Formentera?

Monica: “When I first visited the plot I fell immediately in love with it. It had everything: amazing views over the countryside and the sea, beautiful Mediterranean vegetation and a very convenient location close to San Francesc and the harbour. It was a sunny August morning and when I arrived at the plot it started raining and a rainbow appeared! I considered it a sign...”
Villa pool and ocean - Villa Sant Francesc, in Formentera, Spain
— Villa pool and ocean

— What makes the atmosphere at the villa so special?

Monica: “Being on top of a small hill, the villa benefits from uninterrupted views all around. No matter which way you turn, you get spectacular views of unspoilt Formentera countryside with the Mediterranean sea at the end.

The villa has many lounge areas scattered around the gardens that are sorrounded by plants and flowers. Everything conveys the feelings of relaxation and wellbeing while you are in contact with the sky and the earth. It’s very quiet and tranquil, the only sounds being the birds and a few dogs.”
 - Villa Sant Francesc, in Formentera, Spain

— Please tell us a bit about the holiday villa’s architecture and design.

Monica: “The villa is made of very generous cubic volumes, creating a sense of space and light with a contemporary feeling. Concrete flooring, wood, white walls and the use of linen in the fabrics contribute to an aura of coolness and calm.

All the rooms are large with big windows, so even when you’re inside during the winter, you still feel you’re in contact with the outside.

The furniture is a mix of unpretentious items coming from all over the world and designer pieces.”
Villa roof terrace - Villa Sant Francesc, in Formentera, Spain
— Villa roof terrace

— Please tell us a little bit more about the facilities at the villa.

Monica: “The villa offers plenty of living spaces, both indoor and outdoor, with large sofas, daybeds, hammocks amd armchairs. The villa has 500 sqm of living space inside with an additional 200 sqm of service areas. Outside we have 180 sqm of covered terraces and 150 sqm of open air terraces. And we also have a very nice 18 x 6 metre swimming pool, and 3 external showers.

On the roof, there is a large terrace with a solarium, a jacuzzi, and a lounge area — perfect to watch the stars at night.

There are six en-suite bedrooms for up to 12 holiday guests, each with its own terrace, five in the main building and one in the annex.

An additional room is devoted to my housekeeper. She takes care of the guests while they stay at the house.”
 - Villa Sant Francesc, in Formentera, Spain

— What are some of the services you offer to your holiday guests?

Monica: “The live-in housekeeper has worked with me for several years. She takes care of the house, the terraces, and the cleaning of the rooms. On request, she can also do laundry and cook delicious Mediterranean, Italian, and Asian meals.

We also have a house manager living in the basement, she takes care of the swimming pool and the Jacuzzi, besides offering concierge services to guests, to make their stay even more enjoyable. She can book beach beds, restaurants, boats, massages … We have a lovely massage area under an old pine tree facing the sunset.”
 - Villa Sant Francesc, in Formentera, Spain
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