Villa Extramuros is managed by François and Jean-Christophe, the owners.
125 - 300/night
Suitable for 2-3 people

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Villa Extramuros courtyard - Villa Extramuros, in Alentejo, Portugal
— François and Jean-Christophe: “The Alentejo is one of the last wild regions in Europe where you have kilometers and kilometers of nature and wilderness. The landscape here is just beautiful.”
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— How would you describe Villa Extramuros in a few words?

François and Jean-Christophe: “Villa Extramuros is one of only a few modern small boutique hotels in Portugal, and maybe also Europe, with contemporary architecture as well as a cool spirit and design on the inside which is also surrounded by beautiful nature on the outside. It’s a place where you can feel like you’re at home but with the services of a hotel.”
Villa Extramuros courtyard - Villa Extramuros, in Alentejo, Portugal
— Villa Extramuros courtyard

— What was your inspiration to open a small hotel in Portugal?

François and Jean-Christophe: “We wanted space, sun, and a place where it was possible to build a contemporary house in the middle of nature. The Alentejo is one of the last wild regions in Europe where you have kilometers and kilometers of nature and wilderness. The landscape here is just beautiful.

We completely fell in love with Portugal and we love to share our discoveries of local products with our holiday guests. The Alentejo has so much to offer – often guests will see things in the house that they like and we are always happy to let them know where they can find a certain kind of blanket, carpet, wine etc. We consider our role sharing with guests what we like about the region and this house.”
Villa Extramuros lounge area - Villa Extramuros, in Alentejo, Portugal
— Villa Extramuros lounge area

— How would you describe the architecture and style of Villa Extramuros?

François and Jean-Christophe: “The architecture of Villa Extramuros is minimalist and was inspired by the masters of the 20th century. However, our intention was also to reproduce very traditional characteristics of houses from the Mediterranean, so we let our architect recreate a modern interpretation of a Roman villa with a courtyard and different patios.

As for the interior design of the hotel, it is a mix of furniture and art that we have collected over the past 20 years with pieces from the last decade, but also pieces from the last century mixed with very contemporary pieces. And we are always adding new discoveries. It would be pretentious to say there is a particular style, though – it is our own mix that we created based on our taste.”
 - Villa Extramuros, in Alentejo, Portugal

— Please tell us a bit more about the hotel courtyard and the terraces.

François and Jean-Christophe: “Our house is not very big, so we wanted to create spaces where holiday guests can mingle and spaces where they have their complete privacy. The courtyard and our lounge are perfect to have a drink and meet other guests. But if you prefer to be alone, there are different patios around the house, there is the swimming pool area and of course the garden. And our rooms all have large terraces (between 20 and 30 square meters), so you can relax in a vast space within nature in complete privacy. There is always enough space for anyone to relax alone or meet and talk to other guests.”
Superior room terrace - Villa Extramuros, in Alentejo, Portugal
— Superior room terrace

— Tell us a bit more about the rooms at Villa Extramuros.

François and Jean-Christophe: “In terms of architecture, the rooms are more or less the same but the differences are in the views and the decoration. We’ve suspended parts of the concrete in the air to provide spacious terraces for the views. Both, our standard and superior rooms have terraces and the superior rooms have the most beautiful views.

Inside the hotel, there’s a mix between minimalist architecture and pieces of decoration that bring a warm atmosphere. We wanted each room to be different from another in terms of design and furnishings and also work as much as possible with local materials like cork.

Our most popular room is probably room number 5 because there are two terraces, and the bathroom is big with a nice shower. There is a central bed with beautiful views of the countryside and the local village with its castle.”
Dining room - Villa Extramuros, in Alentejo, Portugal
— Dining room

— Besides breakfast, do you also offer lunch and dinner?

François and Jean-Christophe: “Yes, but we don’t have a restaurant at Villa Extramuros. We consider it as an additional service if our guests want it. We are happy to serve a light lunch or snack during the day or dinner in the courtyard if we know in advance. But it’s impossible to serve dinner to all the guests at the same time. We try to satisfy the guests so that everyone can enjoy that kind of service, but it’s something we can only do with notice.”
 - Villa Extramuros, in Alentejo, Portugal
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