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Vento is managed by Geraldina, the owner.
450 - 1500/night
Suitable for 12-13 people

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Villa Vento pool area - Vento, in Pantelleria, Italy
— Fabrizio: “Probably the biggest reward was when a guest called me saying he was able to write an entire music album having been so inspired staying here at Vento.”
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— How would you describe Villa Vento in a few words?

Fabrizio: “Vento is a place where those who have nothing to hide, can hide. We all need a place to get away, to hide away from our daily lives, so it’s a wonderful holiday hideout on the small island of Pantelleria near Sicily, Italy. It’s remote, private and elegant.”
Villa Vento pool area - Vento, in Pantelleria, Italy
— Villa Vento pool area

— What was your inspiration to create Villa Vento and to rent it out to holiday guests?

Fabrizio: “The first thing was falling in love with the island of Pantelleria. The second thing, which inspired the renovation of the villa, was respect. How can we rebuild a place so magical without betraying its soul? If you’re not careful with the materials you use, it loses its spirit. Consequently, it was a slow renovation done with respect.

In the beginning, I used to spend a few months a year there. I’m a photographer and did a lot of shoots on the island. The light was an incredible ingredient, making everything look special.

Around 2002, I moved to New York, which made it harder for me to get back. My artists friends would come to Vento and all of them said it was an incredibly inspirational place, so I thought I should share it with others.”
 - Vento, in Pantelleria, Italy

— Please tell us a little bit about the different rooms at your holiday hideout.

Fabrizio: “There’s a large living room with beautiful arches and domed roofs, and a full, albeit small, kitchen for breakfast. We also have a porch with an old wood-burning oven for pizzas, meats, and fish.

We have one bedroom with two typical alcoves with a double bed and two single beds for children, but we can also make it just a double room. In the main building, we have one more bedroom and another room with a big sofa, which can be converted to a bed.

The garden at Vento contains two more houses with two rooms and their own bathrooms. A little further away there’s yet another room with its own bathroom. In total we have seven bedrooms and five bathrooms.”
 - Vento, in Pantelleria, Italy

— Please tell us a bit about the interior of the villa rental.

Fabrizio: “The decoration is comfortable and functional. It has good taste and comfort, but it isn’t designed. We put in things that can gently meld into the background. I think design ages quickly, and we don’t need to compete with the beauty of the structures here.”
Villa Vento interior - Vento, in Pantelleria, Italy
— Villa Vento interior

— What other amenities do you offer your holiday guests?

Fabrizio: “We have the gardens, and a magnificent swimming pool which is about 20 by 10 meters, and 3 meters deep. You can lie on the rooftops to get warm and climb right into the swimming pool from there.

There’s a cleaning crew and a maintenance person on the premises everyday. If you require a chef, you can have one for your entire stay or just on request for pizzas or special meals. We’re extremely flexible.”
 - Vento, in Pantelleria, Italy

— What is so special about holidays at the villa, and on Pantelleria?

Fabrizio: “The light, the elevation, and the proximity to the harbor. The setting of the property is really magical. We’re on a private road with no traffic going by.

I also took out all of the electricity poles in the entire valley of Monastero. If you want to take a walk here, you just go through untouched fields of olives and grapes.

The silence and the wind here are also unique. In different seasons, there are strong winds that seem to go through you. It’s an incredible cleansing of the soul, really special. Because of not having anything interfering with your day, the strength of nature grabs and inspires you. Inspiration is not just for an artist, you’re also inspired to manage the relationships with people you love.”
 - Vento, in Pantelleria, Italy
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