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Treehotel is managed by Kent, the Owner.
kr4000 - kr7200/night
Suitable for 2-5 people

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Treehotel Mirrorcube - Treehotel, in North Sweden, Sweden
— Kent: “I told the architects that they must come up with a unique design. They had to create something new that you couldn’t find anywhere else in the world.”
Interview By:

— I read that the idea of the Treehotel was born on a fly fishing trip to Russia.

Kent: “That’s correct, but it started with a film that was made here in Harads village by a couple of guys from Stockholm. The idea was to make a documentary about finding their roots and connecting with their childhood. The name of the film was Tree Lover because they really liked to stay up in trees and tell stories about them. In this film they built a tree house, and after the film was finished it was left empty, so we asked them to rent it out to us. That’s where I got the idea from.

Then, three years ago I took that idea with me on a fishing trip to Russia. There were three architects on this trip and when we sat around the campfire with a glass of vodka I presented the idea for the Treehotel to them. I asked them if they were interested to come to the forest with us and of course they loved the idea.

They came up, looked at the forest and said, “This is my tree!” and there was a big fight to find the best place for their tree house.”
Treehotel Mirrorcube - Treehotel, in North Sweden, Sweden
— Treehotel Mirrorcube

— I’ve seen many tree houses. They’re all very similar but yours are something completely different. Was that your brief to the architects?

Kent: “Yes, I told the architects that they must come up with a unique design and that they could not speak to each other. They had to do it by themselves and couldn’t look at any other ideas. They had to create something new that you couldn’t find anywhere else in the world.

We also decided that the tree houses must be comfortable hotel rooms useable year-round, even in severe cold temperatures or rain, and that they must be safe and easy to reach by a better system than standard ladders.”
Treehotel Mirrorcube - Treehotel, in North Sweden, Sweden
— Treehotel Mirrorcube

— Do you have a favorite tree house?

Kent: “No, they are all so different. It depends on your mood. If you want to be free and alone, you stay in the Bird’s Nest because nobody can reach you up there. You can pull up the stairs with a remote control and you are free like a bird. It’s only got a small window but it’s great do some deep thinking. The Blue Cone has the biggest window with the best views and it’s the only one overlooking the river.

The Cabin is perfect for a couple, for a honeymoon maybe. It has a really nice, big bed in the centre of the room where you can see nature outside from your pillow. It’s the biggest tree house with 24 square meters and has a big open terrace on the roof.

Of course the Mirrorcube is very unique. We told the architect that he must make something that can work with nature. He had the opposite view that nature must reflect in our buildings. The Mirrorcube fits everywhere, because wherever you put it in the forest, it’s just the reflection of its surroundings, a reflection of nature.”
Treehotel Blue Cone - Treehotel, in North Sweden, Sweden
— Treehotel Blue Cone

— I heard that the UFO is coming soon to Treehotel...

Kent: “Yes, we are building it now and it is almost finished. And we have decided on the one after that already. It’s a Finnish architect who has sent us a very nice idea. We have a couple more great drawings from other architects but we will only do one more for now.

And next week the architects of the first houses are coming back. They will stay in their rooms to get a feeling whether everything is the way they imagined it to be and maybe change some things. We want to try to find the best solutions and use what we have learned with the new architects.

We are thinking about building a service house this autumn so people can have shower and dressing rooms as well as a small shop. And we will also make a chapel for people so they can get married in the forest.”
Treehotel Blue Cone interior - Treehotel, in North Sweden, Sweden
— Treehotel Blue Cone interior

— I read there is a small kitchenette in the tree houses as well. Is that correct?

Kent: “Not really a kitchen, just a coffee maker and a kettle so people can make coffee and tea. People come down to the Britta’s Guesthouse to have breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Our guests check in at the Guesthouse and then walk about 5 minutes to come up to a tree house. It’s like going to another world, walking through nature up to that tree house. That change from one world to another is very important for us.”
 - Treehotel, in North Sweden, Sweden
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