Tielrode is managed by Luc, artist.
300 - 450/night
Suitable for up to 2 people

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Tielrode - Tielrode, in Flanders, Belgium
— Luc: “The rooms are very big because it used to be an old shipyard. The bedroom has a living room, and the bathroom is also quite big, you can dance in it.”
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— You own a gallery in Tielrode. What was your inspiration to also open a B&B?

Luc: “I’m a jewelry designer and silversmith and my husband is a painter. We used to have a gallery in Antwerp, a city with a lot of hotels for foreign visitors. But then we moved to Tielrode and thought we needed a kind of guest room, and that’s how we started. In the beginning, it was just for artists and clients, but then someone suggested to open it to everyone.

We get a lot of press from around the world and that brings in guests from all over, some of whom may not know anything about applied arts and it opens up a whole new world to them. It works really well.”
Tielrode - Tielrode, in Flanders, Belgium
— Tielrode

— Many of the pieces in the rooms are part of the gallery and can be bought. Tell us a bit about the different artists and designers that you exhibit.

Luc: “Some of the pieces are by myself or my husband, but the art, in general, is a kind of mixture between design and applied art that borderlines with fine art.

Our designers are from all over the world and the things we represent are functional. For example, we have a beautiful vase here by a designer from Argentina. The artist was trained as a painter, so it’s very nice to look at, it’s like a painting, but it still functions as a vase, if you dare to put flowers in it.

We have young artists and also quite famous ones who are exhibited in big museums. We have annual exhibitions in the Saatchi gallery which attracts people from all over the world and we have also sold pieces to the V&A in London.”
Interior - Tielrode, in Flanders, Belgium
— Interior

— Tielrode’s interior looks really beautiful. How would you describe the style of the interior?

Luc: “It’s minimalist, as in pure, poetic, and sensible — we have a lot of respect for materials and people. And it’s not at all posh.”
Exhibition and event space - Tielrode, in Flanders, Belgium
— Exhibition and event space

— Please tell us a bit about the facilities and the rooms at Tielrode.

Luc: “The interior is very intimate, so we rent to one group at a time. Most of the people who come here are couples who want to share the beauty and intimacy of the place.

The rooms at Tielrode are very big because the building used to be an old shipyard. Besides the bedroom there is also a living room and the bathroom is also quite big — you can actually dance in it.

The breakfast ceremony is also very intimate, very special. It’s served in the gallery and it’s very royal, so to speak. It’s served on beautiful tableware with candles, music, decoration and so on, and it’s quite a feast. Guests always run to get their cameras when they see it. To share that with other people wouldn’t be as intimate, as some people like to talk in the morning while others don’t, so couples appreciate having the place all to themselves.”
Bathroom - Tielrode, in Flanders, Belgium
— Bathroom

— How would you like your guests to remember their stay at Tielrode?

Luc: “Like a memorable stay. I think we are quite successful in that. When we meet the people later, they are very thankful. Couples even come here after their wedding. It’s not really romantic in terms of hearts and red colors, but it’s special and unique, and they remember that.”
 - Tielrode, in Flanders, Belgium
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