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The Louie is managed by Anna, Consultant.
$295 - $750/night
Suitable for 4-6 people

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Master bedroom - The Louie, in Louisiana, United States
— Anna: “We’re within walking distance of the restaurants and attractions of the French Quarter but you don’t hear a sound. It was really important to us that you could seek refuge away from all the hubbub.”
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— How would you describe The Louie in a nutshell?

Anna: “The Louie is a serene hideaway that really articulates our vision of New Orleans - one that is historical, with a little surprise around each and every corner. At the end of the day, it’s a space that is all about relaxation and a sense of place.”
Master bedroom - The Louie, in Louisiana, United States
— Master bedroom

— What was your inspiration to create the project?

Anna: “I had been traveling to New Orleans (primarily for work) for the last few years and had really enjoyed my short stays. Slowly but surely I was starting to venture outside of the tourist-frequented areas to other neighbourhoods and off-the-beaten-track restaurants.

After living in Brooklyn for many years, my husband and I moved to San Francisco for a couple of years. One morning I woke up and realised that it was overpriced for what we were getting at this stage in our lives and New Orleans came back on our radar. I slyly convinced him to spend a weekend here and lined up all my favourite things - amazing music, food, walks - and just like that, we found a house that we loved and just dove in head first and took on this project.”
 - The Louie, in Louisiana, United States

— Tell us about the layout of the apartment and the rooms.

Anna: “The Louie is what New Orleans lovingly calls a ‘double shotgun with a camelback’. It was built in 1890 in a long and thin design that has two sides to it (‘double’), with the idea that, hypothetically, you would be able to shoot a shotgun through, front to back. Its ‘camelback’ was a later addition and dates to a time when there were architectural restrictions in New Orleans.

Often we think of historical homes as being quite dark but The Louie is very light and airy. We’ve retained its original fireplaces (although they aren’t in operation) and restored the beautiful 4x4 windows, as well as keeping many of the original details intact. For example, the antique stove in the kitchen that is still working and many of the doors and handles. As a result, you get a sense of what it was like to be living in New Orleans at that time.”
 - The Louie, in Louisiana, United States

— What about the inside, could you give us an overview of the layout of The Louie?

Anna: “The Louie’s fronted by a deck that’s covered in jasmine and you enter into the open living and dining area. Ahead lies the kitchen and the bathroom that we particularly love as we were able to retain many of the original fittings. On the left is the den which is one of our favourite spaces and provides a lovely place to read or snooze.

At the back of the house is the first bedroom, which is really cosy with an original window that looks out onto the quiet street and a cottage-like feel. A small stairwell takes you to the upper level and the second bedroom. It’s very spacious with a lounge chair where you can read a book and look out across the back garden.

The layout makes it ideal for two couples and maybe one additional person or two kids. The Louie is more suited to couples and family units, rather than bachelor/bachelorette parties.

We live downstairs, so we’re available to offer recommendations and we love showing people New Orleans and some of our favourite places.”
Dining area - The Louie, in Louisiana, United States
— Dining area

— How would you describe the atmosphere of The Louie and its interior design?

Anna: “When we set out to renovate The Louie, we wanted to tell a story and retain the historical sensibility of the house, paying homage to its original. We particularly loved the windows, so a big part of the renovations involved the windows because they make such a difference to the rooms.

While restoring many of the original features, we also mixed that up with design elements that have a more modern sensibility. Some of the lighting takes on more of a modern tone, as do the textiles. The sofa in the living room is velvet, so it’s very opulent and luxurious, while a lot of the other linen we had custom-made to fit into that vibe of being both historical and contemporary at the same time.

Many of the furnishings we sourced locally. The chairs in the living room we restored from a jazz bar just down the street from us. So there’s a little nod to that history. Then we also incorporated some of the fun objects that we’ve found during our time so far in New Orleans.”
 - The Louie, in Louisiana, United States
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