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TeiTiare Estate is managed by Johann, the Owner.
$500 - $10000/night
Suitable for 4-12 people

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Casa Ninamu - TeiTiare Estate, in Mexican Riviera, Mexico
— Johann: “In the mornings, there are big flocks of wild parrots flying by. And at night, there are the sounds of the jungle animals. It’s magical.”
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— Please tell us a bit a little about how Tei Tiare started.

Johann: “We used to come out here on vacation and drive all along the coast looking for properties. Eventually, after about six years, we found Tei Tiare. The whole property is about 16 acres of lush tropical jungle right by the beach. It’s almost like a little bay that’s very secluded and private.

We bought the land about 14 years ago and started landscaping and repairing it. It was just wild rainforest before we built Casa Ninamu, the guesthouse. We then lived in Casa Ninamu while we built the main residence, Casa O’te Miti.

We opened with four vacation rentals in April of 2010. Most customers are Americans and Canadians who are returning guests, or word of mouth references from the people who have been here, but we have a smaller percentage of Mexicans and other international guests, as well.”
Casa Ninamu - TeiTiare Estate, in Mexican Riviera, Mexico
— Casa Ninamu

— You were previously in the fashion industry. What was your motivation for this change in lifestyle?

Johann: “My wife is a fashion photographer and I met her in Miami when I had my business there. We moved to New York and lived there for 16 years doing the whole fashion thing. We wanted to move away from the big city and live a simpler life because we have three young boys. We wanted them to grow up in a more natural environment.

My wife and I always had this vision of stepping back and moving to the beach. Running a luxury guesthouse is something very different to the fashion industry in one sense, yet it’s also a lot about customer service just like fashion is. It’s just a different approach to it.”
Casa O'te Miti bedroom - TeiTiare Estate, in Mexican Riviera, Mexico
— Casa O'te Miti bedroom

— The property is very colorful. How would you describe the style of Tei Tiare?

Johann: “We worked with the famous architect Jean Claude Galibert in a style of architecture called Mexican Pacific.

For the interiors, my wife and I took little pieces from all over the world — Morocco, Italy, Tahiti, Samoa, and so on — and combined them into creating something that’s just a little bit different. We basically combined traditional Mexican with Polynesian style.”
The pool at Casa Ninamu - TeiTiare Estate, in Mexican Riviera, Mexico
— The pool at Casa Ninamu

— Please tell us a bit about the two casitas.

Johann: “Casa Ninamu has two large bedrooms with king size beds. Both have large en suite bathrooms complete with shower and bath. They’re beautiful, finished in a Moroccan style with polished cement walls. We have a large lounge, pool, deck, and outdoor area. We have a great barbeque area outside and a pizza oven and outdoor grill. On the top there’s a beautiful area that’s great for yoga or just relaxing during the day; it’s like a day bed on the roof.

O’te Miti is situated on a rocky point with a 200 degree view of the Pacific ocean. It features 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and an infinity pool and comes complete with chef and butler service.

Surrounding the properties are the private beach and a beautiful lawn with palm trees.”
Casa O'te Miti dining area - TeiTiare Estate, in Mexican Riviera, Mexico
— Casa O'te Miti dining area

— What would you describe to be the philosophy of Tei Tiare?

Johann: “We are really focused on providing our vacation guests with the ultimate luxury getaway. Ultimate luxury for us means that you have great accommodations designed in style, but it’s private and you can be on vacation, be barefoot, and relax. It’s like a home away from home. That signifies real luxury, having dinner on the beach under the stars instead of having to get dressed up and sit at a table with white table cloths.”
 - TeiTiare Estate, in Mexican Riviera, Mexico
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