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Son Brull is managed by Tracy, Marketing.
237 - 1210/night
Suitable for 2-4 people

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Son Brull hotel - Son Brull, in Mallorca, Spain
— Mar: “We want to offer a very personal touch, which means that we try to always be available to our guests. Our philosophy is ‘nothing is too much trouble’.”
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— How would you describe Son Brull in a nutshell?

Mar: “Son Brull is a luxury boutique hotel in the beautiful countryside of the island of Mallorca. Olive groves, vineyards, and lemon and orange trees surround the hotel. With a restaurant serving organic food and a luxurious spa it is truly an excellent place to get away from the stress of everyday life.”
Pool area - Son Brull, in Mallorca, Spain
— Pool area

— Please tell us about the history of the hotel.

Mar: “The hotel is family-run. Even though it has not been in the family for very long, it is very important to our vision. Originally a Mallorcan monastery from the 16th century, it had been in private hands for centuries. For years my dad’s dream was to turn this once abandoned building into a luxurious hotel as he saw how perfect its location would be for a hotel.

When in the early ‘90s he had the opportunity to buy it, he decided to sell his chain of smaller hotels and to invest in this luxury hotel. It took him 10 years to get all the permits and financing in place to renovate it. After two years of construction we opened in 2003.”
Mallorca coast - Son Brull, in Mallorca, Spain
— Mallorca coast

— What is the charm of Son Brull compared to other hotels in Mallorca?

Mar: “We want to offer a very personal touch, which means that we try to always be available to our guests. Our philosophy is ‘nothing is too much trouble’.

Son Brull is located in the Mallorcan countryside with 30 hectares surrounding the hotel. Our ideal is to produce on our land how it used to be back in the times of the monastery. Besides growing vegetables and fruits, we also make our own wine, gin and olive oil. Basically, most of everything that is served from breakfast to dinner is grown organically on our land. What we can’t produce ourselves, or have enough of, we buy locally from suppliers who follow the same philosophy of organic and ecological food.

Our gourmet restaurant has a very casual and relaxed atmosphere where we serve lunch with a menu ranging from salads to paella. The Mediterranean dinner is a bit more formal and focused on local, seasonal ingredients.”
 - Son Brull, in Mallorca, Spain

— How would you describe the atmosphere of Son Brull?

Mar: “I always describe it as casual luxury. We have everything a luxurious hotel should have but with a laid-back ambience where nothing is too busy or shiny. Our vacation guests like to enjoy the luxurious lifestyle without showing off about it. It almost feels like staying at a friend’s house, where everyone knows what they need and feel at home. Our guests appreciate such a relaxed environment

The services and facilities we provide are what you would expect from a 5-star hotel. With a contemporary decoration, we prefer modern over traditional since the building has a lot of character already.”
Restaurant 365 at Son Brull - Son Brull, in Mallorca, Spain
— Restaurant 365 at Son Brull

— Please tell us about the hotel rooms and facilities. Do you have a favorite?

Mar: “All 23 rooms of this boutique hotel were individually adapted into the original building and its features. The facades of the house were kept the same, only the interior was redesigned. The rooms all have the same facilities with TVs, speakers and phones. The baths are all separated from the showers.

There are five different room categories, depending on the size of the room. Two of the rooms have terraces overlooking the vineyard and the sea. In my opinion the junior suites on the second floor are the best rooms as they have bigger, full-length windows, which make the rooms very bright. My favorite is room #21 with the terrace on the second floor. It’s the coziest of all of them.

We also have a meeting room with a capacity for 20 guests. Our spa offers treatments, a sauna, Turkish bath, as well as two heated pools, one indoor and outdoor. The gym was newly installed last year. Complimentary bicycles, tennis courts as well as Pilates and Yoga sessions are offered as well.”
Bedroom - Son Brull, in Mallorca, Spain
— Bedroom

— What feedback do you receive from guests about Son Brull?

Mar: “What always stands out is the friendliness of our team. Most of the people working here have been with us for quite a while and most of them are locals. People really appreciate the friendliness of our staff. The people on our team are definitely our biggest asset.

For me personally the feeling of being away from everything is just wonderful. We’re in the countryside yet still close to the sea and the city. The minute you walk through the garden you immediately feel relaxed. I consider myself lucky to be working in this environment.”
 - Son Brull, in Mallorca, Spain
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