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Småland Manor is managed by John and Marc, the Owners.
Suitable for up to 2 people

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Småland Manor exterior - Småland Manor, in Småland, Sweden
— John: “This is one of the few regions where you can experience absolute silence and spotting stars in the inky black sky, every season of the year.”
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— Tell us a bit about Småland Manor please.

John: “Småland Manor is one of the three Huseby estates, situated in a splendid park in the English style in southern Småland. Since 2008 it is the home of our guesthouse, where we combine our passions in gardening, decorating and cooking to let our guests feel at home and treat them with the best of care.

The oldest parts of the estate dates from to the early 18th century when it was part of an iron foundry. The foundry was acquired by famous industrial Joseph Stephens who gave it to his enigmatic daughter Maggie Stephens in 1938.

The main building was rebuilt in the thirties. Three wings were added to the original manor and the house received furnishings in accordance with the fashion of that period which included, among others, dark ceilings with details in plaster, oak parquet flooring with different patters in each room, central heating, fireplaces with chimneys in marble and the park.”
Småland Manor exterior - Småland Manor, in Småland, Sweden
— Småland Manor exterior

— How did you end up running the manor as a guesthouse / Bed and Breakfast?

John: “Spending our holidays in our summerhouse made us thinking about the possibility to move permanently to Sweden. The feeling of being so close to nature and the extensiveness around us was so overwhelming that we decided to stay here permanently.

So we started looking for a place in the surroundings where we could combine our passions of gardening, decorating and cooking. When we stood at the enchanting pond at the end of the garden looking to the house we felt that we could acquire a unique historical house with a special authentic atmosphere and flowering park. We promised ourselves to use all our imagination to (re)create a place that Maggie would be proud of.”
 - Småland Manor, in Småland, Sweden

— Obviously the garden plays a large role?

John: “Because gardening is one of our common passions we lay a big focus on the garden, both in the interior decoration and in the preparation of the served food.

Our three guest rooms are also named after beautiful flowers, with a distinct colour scheme for ‘Paeonia’ got rose colours, ‘Helleborus’ got a green and ‘Hemerocallis’ orange tinctures.

The delightful garden with the enchanting natural pond, that can be seen from each of the three rooms and creates a serene oasis of history, culture and hospitality and fully contributes the unique manor feeling.”
 - Småland Manor, in Småland, Sweden

— Tell us a bit about the facilities at Bed and Breakfast please.

John: “The manor has three bedrooms that are decorated in a charming manor style and they all overlook the park. They each have their own private bathroom and two of them have a large private terrace.

When we took over the house we restored some rooms like the library and the dining room and transformed them into tasteful and sophisticated rooms that now again evaporate the lifestyle of Maggie Stephens. You can still use the servant bells in the dining room to help you get served.

In the house we play only classical music and there is no TV. For breakfast we are proud to serve homemade bread and marmalades as well as eggs from our own chickens. For dinner we offer home-cooked dishes, including fresh seasonal Swedish products and vegetables from our garden, so you can easily discover that our passions for gardening and cooking go hand in hand.”
Småland Manor exterior - Småland Manor, in Småland, Sweden
— Småland Manor exterior

— What has been most rewarding for you running a small B&B?

John: “More then 5 years after we left our former jobs and moved to this pearl, it still feels like the right decision. The fact that we were able to turn our hobbies into our daily work made it so much more worth it.

The enjoyment that guests stay at our place is a huge satisfaction for us. We like showing people a great time, let them enjoy our passions in and around the house. It has become a new way of life, close to nature and with respect for the house, that we want to share with our guests. And the feedback we get afterwords has been wonderful.”
Garden - Småland Manor, in Småland, Sweden
— Garden
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