San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge is managed by Stefano and Giorgia, the Owners.
2400 - 3900/night
Suitable for 2-10 people

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San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge - San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge, in South Tyrol, Italy
— Stefano and Giorgia: “Each guest has different interests, so we try to customise everything especially for them. We want to create a dream for our guests.”
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— San Lorenzo used to be a hunting lodge of local noblemen. Please tell us a bit about the history of the property.

Stefano and Giorgia: “San Lorenzo used to be the 16th century hunting house of the Bishop of Brixen. Brixen is one of the biggest cities near the lodge, and the Bishop was not only a religious but also a politically important man in the region during that period. He used to come to the lodge for deer hunting, so it was built just for his enjoyment of hunting.

After that, it passed through other important families but was always used as a vacation home. Only at the beginning of the 20th century was it used as a farmhouse. We discovered it after five years of searching for the perfect property.”
San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge - San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge, in South Tyrol, Italy
— San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge

— You and your wife used to work in the fashion industry. What inspired you to completely change your life?

Stefano and Giorgia: “Originally we bought the lodge as a vacation home, a place to escape the city. But one day we realized that we wanted to put more emphasis on the quality of our life. We left our jobs and decided to move the family to the lodge and start a new business and a new life.

We had a lot of problems to solve, but we also had a lot of enthusiasm. We expected moving the children to the middle of nowhere to be the most problematic part, but they are actually very happy to live here at San Lorenzo. And we are as well.”
Bedroom L’Aurora - San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge, in South Tyrol, Italy
— Bedroom L’Aurora

— San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge was restored with a lot of attention to detail and respect for local traditions. How would you describe its style?

Stefano and Giorgia: “The chalet is under protection as a historical monument, but when we found it, it was completely empty and in a very bad condition. For example, instead of wood, there was linoleum in many of the rooms, and no bathroom or heating. The first big renovation was done when we bought the chalet and took about one year. We spent another 10 months to refurbish it again when we started the new business.

The interior design was mostly done by my wife, Giorgia. She traveled all around Europe to discover special things and ideas and mixed the tradition of the old house with some little pieces of modernity. In the end, we reached something that was a sort of silent luxury, meaning you realize it’s luxurious, but it’s not obvious or ostentatious. They are things that you can only discover while living in the house, not from pictures.”
 - San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge, in South Tyrol, Italy

— How would you describe the philosophy of San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge?

Stefano and Giorgia: “We follow the philosophy that the vacation guests should live a dream. We want people to be able to relax, to forget their normal lives. When we first bought San Lorenzo, we wanted to reach that same goal for us.

Our vacation guests usually have a lot of activities planned but when they arrive at the lodge, they completely change their minds. Guests just relax. And that’s the goal!”
San Lorenzo Mountain Lodg view - San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge, in South Tyrol, Italy
— San Lorenzo Mountain Lodg view

— To you personally, what is the highlight of the lodge?

Stefano and Giorgia: “Everything is hand-made especially for this property. For instance, the bed linens are very rare and hard to find. We receive a lot of compliments from guests, not just about the property, but about us personally as well. We really take care of our guests which makes an unbelievable difference. We customise everything to our guests’ needs. People have life experiences at the lodge.”
San Lorenzo’s stove bench - San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge, in South Tyrol, Italy
— San Lorenzo’s stove bench

— Please tell us a bit about the facilities at San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge.

Stefano and Giorgia: “For relaxation, we have a steam bath, sauna, emotional shower and an outdoor heated whirlpool which is open year round. Another rare treat for our guests is our private wine cellar with more than 2,000 bottles. Instead of giving them a wine list, every night we first find out what my wife is preparing for dinner and then go to the wine cellar together to find the perfect wine. It’s a personal touch that leaves our vacation guests speechless.

Besides the bedrooms, we offer a lot of different living areas. We are in the mountains and need places people can enjoy when the weather isn’t good. For example, we have a TV room which is good for families, as parents can let their children watch TV while they converse with friends.”
 - San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge, in South Tyrol, Italy
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