Riad de Tarabel is managed by Laurent, Manager.
180 - 430/night
Suitable for 2-20 people

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Riad de Tarabel courtyard - Riad de Tarabel, in Marrakech, Morocco
— Laurent: “Riad de Tarabel is located in one of the most beautiful parts of the Medina, a very quiet and peaceful area right by the Royal Family house and only a few minutes walk to the busy Souk market.”
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— How would you describe Riad de Tarabel in a nutshell?

Laurent: “Riad de Tarabel is a luxurious boutique hotel in an old colonial mansion right in the heart of the old medina of Marrakech with only ten rooms, including three suites. The style of the house is a mixture of Colonial and French design.”
Riad de Tarabel courtyard - Riad de Tarabel, in Marrakech, Morocco
— Riad de Tarabel courtyard

— What is the history of the riad?

Laurent: “The riad was built at the end of the 19th century and the hotel originally started out with only three rooms. The first renovation and expansion was in 2006, another one in 2012, and now we are adding another neighbouring building to have ten guest rooms, a roof terrace, tree-lined patios, a pool and open lounges.”
Riad de Tarabel Junior Suite - Riad de Tarabel, in Marrakech, Morocco
— Riad de Tarabel Junior Suite

— What is so special about the whole experience of staying at Riad de Tarabel?

Laurent: “Staying at Tarabel offers a unique experience. When you are in the house you don’t feel like you are part of the 21st century, much more you’ll feel like you were taken back in time to the Colonial era in Morocco. Time stops when you are in Riad de Tarabel.

It’s a very quiet, relaxing and inspirational place that feels like home. The entire house is kept very airy and open so that it feels like you are in your own private house.”
Double Room - Riad de Tarabel, in Marrakech, Morocco
— Double Room

— Which kind of guests usually come to stay at Riad de Tarabel?

Laurent: “Many of our guests are designers, architects and people from the creative industries, who appreciate the details and the sensitive decoration. Most of them lead very busy lives back home and like to stay at Tarabel to disconnect and relax. We like to be able to create a calming and soothing atmosphere in order for our guests to feel at ease and well-taken care of. It is a very peaceful and intimate place, so it is not ideal for families.”
Suite - Riad de Tarabel, in Marrakech, Morocco
— Suite

— What rooms and facilities are available at the hotel?

Laurent: “There are ten bedrooms at Riad de Tarabel, three of them are suites. We have three double rooms, two with open bathrooms inside the main room and one with a separate bathroom with a shower. Our Superior Rooms are bigger in size, one with a bathtub in the main room and the other with a separate bathroom with a tub and shower. The Junior Suites also have open bathrooms with clawfoot baths, a separate shower room and one has a fireplace. The Suites have a lounge area and they all have open plan bathrooms with clawfoot bathtubs and a separate shower room.

By the pool you will find large dressing rooms and also plenty of lounge areas and little nooks all around the riad. All rooms have heated floors so you stay really warm in the winter, and there is air conditioning for the hot summer months.

Of all our bedrooms, my favourite is the Junior Suite with two bathtubs next to each other. It’s a very beautiful room, which lights up almost magically during the day when the sun shines in.”
Sitting area - Riad de Tarabel, in Marrakech, Morocco
— Sitting area

— What other services are available at Riad de Tarabel?

Laurent: “During their stay at Riad de Tarabel our guests can enjoy complimentary breakfast and soft drinks throughout the day as well as shuttle service from and to the airport. And we give our guests a local mobile phone on their arrival so that they can stay in contact with us all the time in case of any questions or problems during their stay in Marrakech.

And of course we always try to be available for guests at their convenience and can organise guides and day trips as well as massages in the rooms. Our staff is also available for recommendations on places to go, things to do and which restaurants to visit. And now we also offer a fast track service at the airport as customs normally often takes a very long time. And guests can also use the VIP lounge there.

For dinner we normally propose a traditional Moroccan dinner but always a la carte depending on the preferences of our guests. For lunch we offer lighter dishes like a salad or a BBQ.”
 - Riad de Tarabel, in Marrakech, Morocco
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