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Re:hof Rutenberg is managed by Martin, the owner.
90 - 120/night
Suitable for 2-6 people

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Garden House Salix - Re:hof Rutenberg, in Uckermark, Germany
— Martin: “What we have at Re:hof Rutenberg is a type of luxury that is quite different from big hotels. We provide authentic and simple comfort, which in itself is already quite luxurious.”
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— How would you describe the essence of Re:hof Rutenberg?

Martin: “Re:hof Rutenberg offers seven modern holiday rentals in Brandenburg, Germany. Here we realized our dream to create an unusual holiday stay garnered from our years of aesthetic experiences in the Dutch Art world. With the transformation of this vicarage into ‘Re:hof Rutenberg’ we offer the kind of holiday in the countryside which we ourselves alway looked for, but rarely found.

We are taking things back to basics: ‘What does Man need to be happy?’ With this question in mind we have developed our farmstead and it gave it its name Re:hof. Re: in the sense of renewal bringing the history of the property as a former farmhouse into modern life.”
Garden House Salix - Re:hof Rutenberg, in Uckermark, Germany
— Garden House Salix

— Please tell us about Re:hof’s architecture and design.

Martin: “The interior design and architecture share the basic simplicity of the idea on which the whole design of the property was based on. We wanted the house to reflect a sense of sustainability. Our guests can rediscover the simplicity of life with the added luxury of enjoying it in comfort.

We wanted to keep the original details of the buildings and add contemporary elements. The beams of the stable were kept exposed and we added modern furniture to complement the warmth of the traditional materials. In some cases we decided against setting up new walls but instead used glass to separate the rooms in the individual apartments, so that from one kitchen guests can look into the other room through the glass. Some of the bathrooms have translucent glass walls as well.

We came up with the main concept that Re:hof Rutenberg is based on and then asked the architect Peter Grundmann to go on from there. One of the houses was designed entirely by him and turned out to be my favorite one.”
Re:hof Rutenberg - Re:hof Rutenberg, in Uckermark, Germany
— Re:hof Rutenberg

— Please tell us about the atmosphere at Re:hof Rutenberg.

Martin: “The atmosphere at Re:hof Rutenberg is all about going back to basics. For example, if you are cold, you can build a fire and if you like you can chop the wood yourself. Depending on the time of year, you can go out and eat directly from the garden.

Simple things like these offer a connection back to nature and the simpler things in life. People can get addicted to their smart phones and television, but when they are here, they take a step back and find they don’t really miss all of that but instead are happy to disconnect.

Our philosophy is to give our guests modern comforts but in a simpler setting that resembles a slower way of life from hundreds of years ago. Our grass isn’t perfectly mowed, there are no signs telling people to stay on the footpaths, rather our guests can go wherever they want and explore.”
Sauna - Re:hof Rutenberg, in Uckermark, Germany
— Sauna

— Please tell us about the different holiday rental units, facilities and services you offer.

Martin: “At Re:hof Rutenberg there are several buildings. We have three newly built, wooden garden houses with clay walls, which are situated at the edge of the property, facing wide-open fields and the forest. Each of them has a different layout and design but they are all open-plan with kitchens and separate bathrooms. They were designed for two guests but it’s possible to accommodate up to four people.

Another building is the old stable, which has been turned into three luxurious loft apartments. The vicarage itself has two bedrooms with a big kitchen and living room. Each room has high ceilings, big windows and direct access to the outdoors.

There is a small honesty shop that is always open where we offer fresh rolls. When there are groups, we offer catering and the big barn is a perfect location for gatherings, small seminars, cultural events and weddings. In the saison our garden is available for guests to harvest from.”
Garden House Salix - Re:hof Rutenberg, in Uckermark, Germany
— Garden House Salix

— What kind of guests would enjoy the place and who might not enjoy it as much?

Martin: “If you love architecture in the midst of an old wild garden, with forests directly accesible from our premises and several lakes in a walking distance this is the place to be. If you want your car parked right next to the house or a TV in your room, Re:hof is not the right place to be. What we have at Re:hof Rutenberg is a type of luxury that is quite different from big hotels.

One thing that might be challenging to some of our guests are the compost toilets in the garden houses. They have very little in common with the outhouses of yesteryear. Modern designs have made them very functional, and without any odour. The contribute towards sustainability, saving a lot of drinking water as well as doing without the energy-intensive treatment of waste water.

Yet there are many people who cherish living with slow WiFi and without TV during their holidays and therefore really enjoy their stay at Re:hof Rutenberg.”
The stables - Re:hof Rutenberg, in Uckermark, Germany
— The stables
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