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Porto Boutique Hotel is managed by Ema, Hotelier.
80 - 170/night
Suitable for 2-4 people

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Quarto familiar 2 - Porto Boutique Hotel, in Porto, Portugal
— Ema: “I like Porto because it is a well-sized city with character and lots of things to explore and experience.”
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— Please tell us a bit about how the idea of opening a boutique hotel in Porto started.

Ema: “My boyfriend and I love antiques which eventually lead to the idea to restore this building and turn it into a boutique hotel. The building is 100 years old and has not been altered structurally so it has very spacious rooms, each including a dressing and a living room, and some of them featuring a balcony as well.

We also have a beautiful garden and our restaurant, which at lunchtime lets our guests experience the lively ambience of the city and in the late afternoon and evening is perfect enjoy quiet and relaxing moments.”
Porto Boutique Hotel hallway - Porto Boutique Hotel, in Porto, Portugal
— Porto Boutique Hotel hallway

— Besides the obvious sights, what do you recommend guests to see or do in Porto?

Ema: “In my opinion, must sees and dos in Porto are: a stroll along the Ribeira, a concert at Casa da Música, a visit to the Botanical Garden and an exhibition at the Casa de Serralves.”
Quarto familiar 2 - Porto Boutique Hotel, in Porto, Portugal
— Quarto familiar 2

— Your boutique hotel is also part of the art scene in Porto. Please tell us a bit about that.

Ema: “Every other month there are lots of gallery openings leading to a great street party on Rua Miguel Bombarda. During that time we too open our exhibition space on the 3rd floor of the boutique hotel, which is managed by illustration gallery Dama Aflita.”
Dining area - Porto Boutique Hotel, in Porto, Portugal
— Dining area

— In your opinion, what is the secret of being a good host?

Ema: “I have 10 years of experience in the traditional hotel industry. For me it is all about the enjoyment of receiving people and here in such a small hotel, it is even more personal and each guest and each arrival tells a different story.”
Bathroom - Porto Boutique Hotel, in Porto, Portugal
— Bathroom
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