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Ottmanngut is managed by Martin, the owner.
204 - 280/night
Suitable for 1-2 people

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Suite unter den Linden - Ottmanngut, in South Tyrol, Italy
— Martin: “We offer authenticity, simplicity, and high quality at Ottmanngut. We wanted to make this house real, bringing the old traditions to life but with a fresh take.”
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— How would you describe Ottmanngut in a few words?

Martin: “Ottmanngut is a small hotel in Meran, South Tyrol, Italy, but it’s more of a family house than a typical hotel. It’s calm and real, that’s the most important thing. It’s what we know and what we like to do. We offer authenticity, simplicity, and high quality.”
Suite unter den Linden - Ottmanngut, in South Tyrol, Italy
— Suite unter den Linden

— Please tell us a bit about the hotel and its history.

Martin: “The house was built in the 13th century. It’s about 700 years old. In the beginning, it was a farmer’s house and a vineyard. The vineyard had a little restaurant that served food from the garden.

Then in the middle of the 18th century, my great grandfather bought it, and at the end of that century it became a small hotel. In 1973, my grandparents took over, and in 2010, we renovated it completely.”
Ottmanngut veranda - Ottmanngut, in South Tyrol, Italy
— Ottmanngut veranda

— Where did you get the inspiration from to renovate the hotel?

Martin: “After my grandmother became too old to run the daily business we decided that we needed to renovate the hotel to keep it going. We knew that it was an old house and would be expensive to renovate. We ended up with a huge deal of reconstruction, but the passion and love for the house grew with every day. My father started everything, after a while my brother took over the site management and then I started to help out together with many other relatives. It became sort of a family project.”
 - Ottmanngut, in South Tyrol, Italy

— Did you retain a lot of original features in the hotel restoration?

Martin: “Yes. It was very important to rebuild the house like it was. It maintains the tradition of providing a space for people passing by, like pilgrims used to do centuries ago.

We have retained many original features in the house, but didn’t want the style to get too dark and heavy. The light is very important to us. And from what our holiday guests have said, I think we have succeeded.”
Ottmanngut entrance - Ottmanngut, in South Tyrol, Italy
— Ottmanngut entrance

— Please tell us a bit about the rooms and the garden at the hotel.

Martin: “At Ottmanngut we have nine very differently styled rooms. Each holds a unique era of furniture. We took what was originally there and worked with it. For example, one room had an old green oven in it, so we kept the oven and made that room green and white.

We didn’t change much in the old hotel garden. It’s very Mediterranean, with ponds and cypresses and lemon trees. In fact, my great grandfather bought the place because of the gardens. He was very passionate about the Mediterranean atmosphere.

We have some old fruit trees and try to grow as many things as we can. Our breakfast is a small buffet with local products. If our guests wish, they may also have small bites like a plate of cold cuts for lunch or dinner. In the afternoon we offer cakes and we sometimes do a dinner barbecue in summer or roast chestnuts in autumn.

Otherwise, we have a couple of excellent partner restaurants that we can warmly recommend where our guests may eat at a special rate.”
 - Ottmanngut, in South Tyrol, Italy

— To you personally, what makes this boutique hotel so special?

Martin: “The hotel is rooted very deeply in tradition and good, local food. Ottmangut is about bringing old traditions back to life, but with a fresh take. When you stay on holidays here you get the feeling that everything has a long story to it.

The combination of the house and the garden is very special too. It even won a price. A former officer of the authority for the protection of monuments of South Tyrol once described it as ‘a ballroom’. The garden is what truly completes the house and makes it a unit. That is something guests can truly experience during their holidays.”
 - Ottmanngut, in South Tyrol, Italy
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