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One Eleven is managed by David, General manager.
$600 - $700/night
Suitable for up to 2 people

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Private villa and pool - One Eleven, in Bali, Indonesia
— David: “Guests really appreciate the personal attention of One Eleven. The staff take great pride in satisfying the needs of our guests and going over and above to provide the One Eleven experience.”
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— How would you describe the One Eleven resort in a nutshell?

David: “One Eleven is a small, private resort in an exclusive setting with just nine vacation villas in Seminyak, Bali.

Our vacation guests come to One Eleven because of its private, quiet, personalised service and attention to detail whilst being in close proximity to the upscale restaurants, nightlife and shopping in Seminyak, as well as its many beaches.”
Private villa and pool - One Eleven, in Bali, Indonesia
— Private villa and pool

— How would you describe your philosophy at the resort?

David: “I’ve been in the hospitality business a long time, and it’s one of those industries where at the end of the day you’re there to please. If the guests want something that’s not on the menu, for example, we go out of our way to make sure they get what they want. My philosophy is to do whatever it takes to make a guest happy. As long as it’s legal.”
Kitchen area - One Eleven, in Bali, Indonesia
— Kitchen area

— How would you describe the One Eleven experience?

David: “From the moment you drive up to the front door of the retreat, it’s very understated and simple. In today’s world, most people are living a very busy, active life and the whole One Eleven experience is very comfortable and gives you everything you need without the clutter.”
 - One Eleven, in Bali, Indonesia

— What makes your retreat so special?

David: “All we can do is provide very comfortable, spacious, private accommodations, but the employees really make the experience.

We have eight butlers, so there’s one on call at all times. When the guests arrive at the airport, a butler is there to meet them. He might bring them cocktails at five o’clock or other special types of treats, little surprises here and there, or he might pick up on what their favorite food is and suggest a good local restaurant. It’s the small things.

We get very good comments, and the guests always talk really highly of the staff.”
Vacation villa interior - One Eleven, in Bali, Indonesia
— Vacation villa interior

— Please tell us a bit how the resort works.

David: “It all pretty much happens in your private villa. The spa treatments take place in your own private gazebo, and the swimming pools are private too. There’s a little lobby area near the main entrance of our resort, and our Japanese sushi bar. Otherwise, people tend to stay in their villas unless they go to town or the beaches. As a vacation guest you get total privacy. It’s rare you’ll run into other guests.”
 - One Eleven, in Bali, Indonesia

— What other services do you offer at the hotel?

David: “Firstly we have our restaurant and bar. It’s a traditional sushi bar and the food is just delicious. We offer priority to our resort guests, but it’s also available to the public.

Besides eating in the restaurant, we offer vacation guests to have a barbecue or dinner in their own villa. Our culinary team is available 24 hours a day and able to arrange whatever kind of meal they like. We even allow guests to invite friends over for cocktails or breakfast.

In terms of spa services, we offer a range of traditional Javanese and Balinese treatments in the villa spa gazebo. We try to keep it very focused on tradition.”
 - One Eleven, in Bali, Indonesia
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