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Monocabin is managed by Georgios, Brand Manager & Creative.
119 - 129/night
Suitable for up to 2 people

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Monocabin exterior - Monocabin, in Rhodes, Greece
— Giorgos: “There are more than 300 beaches and a diverse range of things to do, whether you want an active holiday or something more tranquil. Rhodes really offers a bit of everything.”
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— How would you describe Monocabin in a nutshell?

Giorgos: “Monocabin is like a design object. It’s a small space but designed with attention to detail so that everything inside the house is perfectly organised. We were inspired to create a micro-home that you could place anywhere in the world, without requiring a lot of space and with the ability to stand alone. It was designed to realise this idea and create a cultural impact while at the same time being environmentally friendly.

Located on the beautiful island of Rhodes, Monocabin exudes an atmosphere of relaxation, with minimalistic use of colours and materials to make it feel like home. It allows you to easily transition between the inside and outside worlds, with exterior views when you’re sleeping, cooking or taking your bath.”
Monocabin exterior - Monocabin, in Rhodes, Greece
— Monocabin exterior

— How would you describe the architecture and design?

Giorgos: “We wanted to create an interface between the interior and exterior of the home by designing large windows at the top that make you feel like you are outside while still being protected from the elements. Through these windows, you can see the sky, the moon and the trees, which makes you feel totally connected to the outside world.

We are not architects but designers, so we also wanted to create a house that is easy to construct. Monocabin was built in three months and could easily be replicated by others in the future.”
Bathroom - Monocabin, in Rhodes, Greece
— Bathroom

— Please tell us about the layout of the property and the rooms.

Giorgos: “Monocabin is located off a small residential street and when you enter through the main door, there’s a spacious kitchen on your right and on the left you have the bathroom, which is also quite large. Directly in front of you is the bedroom that can be accessed by two different entrances and has a storage area and closet, while in front of the main entrance you have the terrace, which looks out onto the gardens. On one side of the house is an outdoor shower and at the back, you have a fitness zone with workout equipment. It’s ideal for two people (or a couple with a baby or toddler) and has the perception of being much larger than it is due to its design and the use of windows.”
Monocabin interior - Monocabin, in Rhodes, Greece
— Monocabin interior

— Please tell us about the facilities and services offered at Monocabin.

Giorgos: “The kitchen’s equipped with a small oven, stove, dishwasher and fridge, as well as all the utensils you need to cook a meal, while the bathroom is stocked with towels and toiletries. There’s a projector if you want to watch a movie on Netflix in the evenings and guests can connect via Bluetooth to the hi-fi system.

There are two tables to dine at - one inside and on the terrace - as well as sun chairs and poufs that you can position wherever you want to relax. We offer cleaning every three days and there’s plenty of parking space if you’re hiring a car to explore Rhodes.

To help our guests settle in, we also create a welcome food box filled with typical Greek products like feta, honey, bread and oil, as well as providing them with a suggested 3-day itinerary that highlights some of the best places to visit, restaurants that we really like, the most beautiful beaches and the best windsurfing spots around the island.”
Terrace - Monocabin, in Rhodes, Greece
— Terrace
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