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Mezi Plutky is managed by Daniela, architect, owner.
156 - 236/night
Suitable for 2-4 people

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Mezi Plutky - Mezi Plutky, in North Moravia, Czech Republic
— Daniela: “Even though we are not by the sea, some of our guests feel so relaxed that they often come to breakfast barefoot.”
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— How would you describe Mezi Plutky in a nutshell?

Daniela: “Mezi Plutky is a boutique hotel in Čeladná, in the Czech Beskydy Mountains. This cosy, two hundred year old house has four guestrooms with space for up to 12 adult guests. Deep embedded in the Podolanky valley, it is a place ‘between fences’, which is the direct translation of Mezi Plutky. The name says it all, the hotel contrasts traditional wooden fences with modern design, an old house and a new perception of space.”
Mezi Plutky - Mezi Plutky, in North Moravia, Czech Republic
— Mezi Plutky

— Please tell us about the hotel and the rooms.

Daniela: “The hotel has a kitchen, a living room with an open fireplace, a reading room, as well as a dining room with an original tapestry and several pieces of 17th century graphic art. We wanted to create a home, which is why we decided against having a reception and a restaurant. There is, however, a kitchen that is up to professional standards.

There are four rooms at Mezi Plutky. ‘The Guest’ is especially attractive to couples. ‘The Parents’ is almost a ‘house within a house’, with a high ceiling with wooden beams and can accommodate up to four people with 70sqm. The two other smaller rooms are ‘The Daughter’ with 35sqm and ‘The Son’ with 44sqm, which is also for four guests.

We created many cosy and tranquil areas around the house. An old basin was turned into a natural pond and the old barn became the winter garden with a massive fireplace. We added a new barn to serve as a summer bedroom and several outside terraces made of ancient rocks and stones.”
Living area - Mezi Plutky, in North Moravia, Czech Republic
— Living area

— Please tell us about the facilities and services offered at Mezi Plutky.

Daniela: “Any wellness treatments can be arranged for in a nearby hotel and on weekends we can offer cooking classes with our charming chef. Transfers from the railway station, the airport, or to any trip starting points are available upon request.

Our breakfast is one of the main attractions with a variety of delicious options. There is homemade dark bread, jams, local Wallachian cakes and homemade pâté. We also have an honesty bar, with a great retro Smeg fridge, filled with Austrian and South Moravian wines, Czech and German beer, and soft drinks. There is also tea and a Nespresso coffee maker.

Our dinner menu changes daily and can be served whenever convenient to our guests. We prepare light and healthy meals, using local ingredients from carefully chosen suppliers. Additionally, we can recommend a few nice restaurants and cafés in the vicinity. A well-supplied grocery shop, with a bakery and a small butcher’s shop can be found only two kilometres away.”
 - Mezi Plutky, in North Moravia, Czech Republic

— How would you describe the atmosphere at Mezi Plutky?

Daniela: “Even though we are not by the sea, the feeling of being barefoot is something that comes to mind. Actually, some of our guests feel so relaxed that they often come to breakfast barefoot, as even in winter the natural stone floors are tempting to be touched and felt. The same goes for our oak doors and furniture, the linen pillows, and the herbs in the garden.

Mezi Plutky is an old rural house, yet we didn’t shy away from adding many contemporary pieces. You can sit on the Karl Andersson’s Soner chairs in the dining room, on Hay barstools in the kitchen and Hay armchairs in the bedrooms, on Palissade chairs by Ronan Bouroullec in the garden, or swing on Patricia Urquiola’s Comeback near the fireplace, or the rocking sheep by Povl Kjer.”
Bedroom (The Guest) - Mezi Plutky, in North Moravia, Czech Republic
— Bedroom (The Guest)

— What’s your background and what was your inspiration to open Mezi Plutky?

Daniela: “For the last ten years I have been designing conversions of historical houses. I see architecture as a conversation with the place and its history, not as a something set in stone. It is not a coincidence that many of the places that I have visited, such as Alemanys 5 in Girona, Moravola in Umbria, Malatesta Maison in Le Marche, Locanda al Colle in Tuscany, and many others, I’ve found thanks to Welcome Beyond. And it is for certain, that these places have inspired me. Mezi Plutky was developed from these inspirations. It is a story about the refurbishment of an old house set into pure nature. Mezi Plutky is the first one of the places I have dreamed of.”
Dining room - Mezi Plutky, in North Moravia, Czech Republic
— Dining room

— Please tell us about the interior design/architecture. How would you describe it?

Daniela: “Mezi Plutky embeds two motives. The first one is the process of time and space. The reconstruction of the house into a boutique hotel respects and renews its original layout; with its traditional shingled roof, old-fashioned ceiling beams, sandstone floors, and the original windows and doors. The same plants that are depicted in botanist Basilius Besler’s works from 1613 are grown in our herb garden. Wool, the traditional local material is included in the tapestry by Czech graphic artist Petr Nikl. It was made in the nearby Moravian Tapestry Manufactory in Valasske Mezirici. The furniture and doors were made by local cabinetmakers using Czech oak.

The second motive was a pursuit of light. The old mountain houses used to have small windows and doors to keep the heat inside. We have decided to replace all main doors with glass ones. Thanks to those doors, the house not only lets the light come inside but also makes it flow through the old stone terraces into the garden.”
 - Mezi Plutky, in North Moravia, Czech Republic
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