Masseria Petrarolo is managed by Constant, the owner.
1650 - 4250/night
Suitable for 16-18 people

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Masseria Petrarolo rooftop pool - Masseria Petrarolo, in Puglia, Italy
— Constant: “We are in the countryside surrounded by olive groves and vineyards at about 300 meters above sea level with a 160-degree view of the ocean.”
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— How would you describe Masseria Petrarolo?

Constant: “Masseria Petrarolo is a fortified historic farmhouse turned luxury vacation rental on a 30-hectare estate and is now under the protection of the Italian Historical Buildings Department. It was originally built in the 1680s to protect the village families from attacks from the Saracens of North Africa.

We restored the house to a very contemporary standard to make it feel more luxurious which only adds to the grand feeling of the individual spaces in the villa.”
Masseria Petrarolo rooftop pool - Masseria Petrarolo, in Puglia, Italy
— Masseria Petrarolo rooftop pool

— What was your inspiration to buy a villa in Puglia and rent it out as a vacation home?

Constant: “I had originally bought it as a family house, a long-term project that I could eventually retire in. I later decided to rent it out as a vacation home.

The inspiration for buying a house came when I was traveling through the Mediterranean on business and had the opportunity to become familiar with the area. As I sampled the food, the cooking, and the wine, it all just really clicked for me. I came back six months later, started to search for a house and found this one.

The previous owners hadn’t messed around with the fabric of the building, which was a real blessing because we were pretty much left with its original state. All of the ground floor space was originally built for animals and storage. We were able to utilize all of those rooms and turn them into residential living spaces.”
Masseria Petraolo terrace - Masseria Petrarolo, in Puglia, Italy
— Masseria Petraolo terrace

— Please tell us about the interior design of the villa.

Constant: “We worked with a group of Italian architects who had experience with this type of building and space. Our personal friend and very talented young designer James Waterworth designed all of the furniture and lighting. With my guidance he was entirely responsible for the choice of materials and custom-made furniture, as well as the antiques. Masseria Petrarolo is a luxury vacation rental with a mix of contemporary furniture and antique pieces that sort of speak to the overall tune of the house.”
 - Masseria Petrarolo, in Puglia, Italy

— Please tell us about the rooms and facilities at Masseria Petrarolo.

Constant: “Masseria Petrarolo is a luxury vacation rental with nine bedrooms, the ninth being a bit smaller than the others. Eight of the rooms are double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. Most have radiant floor heating. There’s a family kitchen on the top floor, a breakfast kitchen by the breakfast terrace, and a commercial kitchen, which the staff use. There’s also a kitchen out by the pool which is for poolside dining.

There’s a large living room with a fireplace at the villa, which is a very lovely place to hang out. The large dining room seats 20 comfortably in a very big oak-floored room with a large fireplace. A housekeeper’s apartment is connected to the vacation rental, but is separate.

We have two pools, one large one in the garden next to the pool house, and a rooftop pool, which is the perfect space for grown-ups to hang out in a more lounge-style setting. There are all these different areas where to spend time and relax, but it still all functions as a single residence.”
Masseria Petrarolo roof terrace - Masseria Petrarolo, in Puglia, Italy
— Masseria Petrarolo roof terrace

— How would you describe the atmosphere at Masseria Petrarolo?

Constant: “People often say that despite being a big house, it has a very cozy feel to it, very warm and welcoming. It’s definitely styled and doesn’t feel like an average vacation home, but the design is not in any way austere or off-putting. It’s been put together in a very consistent way. All the pieces work well together.”
Main pool area - Masseria Petrarolo, in Puglia, Italy
— Main pool area

— To you personally, what is so special about staying at this particular vacation home?

Constant: “I was lucky to spend a few months at Masseria Petrarolo last summer and found it to be a house with so many different places to enjoy. One of the greatest things about it is that many of the bedrooms have at least one element that makes them extraordinary. That could be an outdoor shower, a bath on the balcony overlooking the lemon grove, access to the hamam, dining on the rooftop, etc. In the four months of staying on vacation here I’d never gotten the sense that I’d done something too many times or that I’d been there before. There’s so much variety, it’s really a joy to be there.”
 - Masseria Petrarolo, in Puglia, Italy
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