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Mallorca Beach House is managed by Anke, Architect.
280 - 390/night
Suitable for up to 6 people

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 Mallorca Beach House is fully booked
 until end of October 2017 

View of Port de Sóller - Mallorca Beach House, in Mallorca, Spain
— Anke: “It’s the place itself, which is beautiful and very inspiring. Whenever I wake up in the morning and open the windows and see the sun shining, it gives me good energy.”
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— What was your inspiration to build a beach house and then rent it out in Mallorca?

Anke: “We were looking for an old house for ourselves to buy and renovate for several years but we couldn’t find any we liked. Eventually we were offered a plot and we immediately fell in love with it even though we didn’t want to live there permanently.

The idea of renting the beach house to holiday guests came later when the house was finished and we couldn't sell it anymore because we had fallen in love with it. You just can’t find any properties with that view anymore. So, we said we’ll run the house as a holiday rental, and if it pays the bills, we are investing into the house.”
View of Port de Sóller - Mallorca Beach House, in Mallorca, Spain
— View of Port de Sóller

— You are an architect, when you set out to build the house, what was your approach?

Anke: “The Spanish contemporary architecture, which I really adore, is a really straightforward form of architecture, very contemporary but with traditional materials and very warm. The main idea was having a simple cube and using the materials on the inside you traditionally find on the island but in the form of a modern interpretation.

We also designed part of the wooden furniture, especially the outdoor furniture. When we were looking around, we didn’t really find what we wanted, so we had our own made. I met a nice carpenter who was able to realise the ideas we had.”
Mallorca Beach House pool area - Mallorca Beach House, in Mallorca, Spain
— Mallorca Beach House pool area

— Please tell us a bit more about the style of holiday home.

Anke: “I would describe it as mediterranean contemporary. All of the interior doors are two wing doors, which are very narrow but have high openings. The windows have a typical way of going down to the floor with wooden shutters on the outside, which are also very characteristic of this mediterranean style. We also used iroko wood in the inside where you have to have wood, like in the kitchen. It‘s the main wood used on the island for hundreds of years. The cement tiles traditionally have also been used in every building of the last century.”
 - Mallorca Beach House, in Mallorca, Spain

— Please tell us a bit about the facilities and rooms of Mallorca Beach House.

Anke: “The facilities are practical and quite contemporary. They’re not sleek and don’t have a lot of decoration, but the rooms are full of light and reveal the views to the outside.

We have three bedrooms and three bathrooms over two floors, a separate office, a large living and dining area with amazing views of the port and a big terrace with outside kitchen and BBQ area. There is an additional roof terrace with beautiful views and amazing sunsets. And of course the swimming pool.”
Bedroom - Mallorca Beach House, in Mallorca, Spain
— Bedroom

— What’s so special to you personally about this holiday rental?

Anke: “It’s not that the house itself is like a very impressive structure or anything, it’s just the feeling you have when you stand on this property and look around. It just feels right. The entire house is built according to the plot. All the openings are in specific places where there are wonderful views. You want to have sun, but you still want to be careful that you don’t have too much in the summer. The views and the sun are the most important features.”
Dining area - Mallorca Beach House, in Mallorca, Spain
— Dining area

— What has been the biggest reward about renting out this holiday home?

Anke: “It’s mainly the fact that guests are absolutely fascinated and really feel at home. We have such positive feedback from the clients that when the holidays are over, they’re really sad about it. Some of them come back already the third or fourth time. Even though it’s just a holiday home, it becomes a part-time home for them for just a week or two.”
 - Mallorca Beach House, in Mallorca, Spain
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