Locanda al Colle is managed by Riccardo, Fashion agent.
165 - 595/night
Suitable for 2-24 people

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Locanda al Colle living room - Locanda al Colle, in Tuscany, Italy
— Riccardo: “Locanda is a home. We cook twice a week and everybody gets to know each other. We sit with our guests as well, so it’s very, very family-like. You know, there’s a spirit.”
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— Why have you opened Locanda al Colle?

Riccardo: “Well, I was in the fashion business for 20 years and I used to travel a lot. I’ve worked in Paris, in London, in the States and the last post I had was in Buenos Aires. And then I got tired of it and I had this in mind. I just wanted to work from home, to relax and not to travel that much anymore. I wanted to work at a quieter place and come back to Italy because I’ve never worked in Italy before. So there has been a big improvement in my quality of life. I have lots of free time in winter and I can do what I want to do, greet the guests, entertain them, chat with them, and I still get to meet people from all over the world. With the difference that I don’t need to travel anymore, they travel to me now.”
Locanda al Colle living room - Locanda al Colle, in Tuscany, Italy
— Locanda al Colle living room

— And you have just recently refurbished Locanda al Colle?

Riccardo: “Well, we had the guesthouse business for 9 years in the property and we now refurbished the property next door to it, which is twice the size. So now the business has moved into the new property. The restored property is still an old property, it is a Grade A-listed building, which has been all redone using solar panels etc. You will still see the classic materials of Tuscan architecture, but with a more contemporary cut. We have also added a swimming pool and the rooms are more comfortable, they have all been done from scratch. You know, we have upgraded and the old property has gone back to be a private home. And we have also just refurbished a new wing of the building to include 3 more temporary rooms.”
Locanda al Colle pool - Locanda al Colle, in Tuscany, Italy
— Locanda al Colle pool

— Tell me about the style of the house.

Riccardo: “The décor at Locanda al Colle is eclectic, it is a mixture of 30s, 40s and 50s furniture within an old shell. The floors are all made up in stone, all the ceilings are in chestnut beam as in the Tuscan tradition. We’ve created a shell using traditional earthy colours and we put this collection of furniture inside, which could be in a Manhattan apartment by the looks. And the decoration comes from a collection that I had from various places where I’ve lived before. And the rest I’ve been scouting in markets and antique fairs, which I like to do anyway, independently from having the guesthouse.

So part of it is from my private art collection. And, what we have done now is to give local artists the opportunity to exhibit some of their art. And every year we have a new artist.”
 - Locanda al Colle, in Tuscany, Italy

— What would you describe to be the essence of Locanda al Colle?

Riccardo: “Locanda is a home. We stress that. We’re not a boutique hotel. We are a home, which is open to the public. We only have 9 rooms and 3 temporary rooms in the new wing so it is not a big place and it is a place where you come and you feel at home. We give people the keys and we don’t have any structures like a hotel, a reception for example. There is a self-help bar, so people can help themselves with drinks. We cook twice a week but in a very familiar manner. You know, everybody sits together and gets to know each other. In good weather dinners are taken under the pergola with view of the hills and the sea in the distance. We sit with our guests as well, it is all very, very family-like. You know, there is a spirit, so our guests feel at home.

The people are quite lively, because most of the people that come work internationally and they travel a lot. They’re always in big hotels, so this is a good way to let them switch off from their routine.”
Colle Suite - Locanda al Colle, in Tuscany, Italy
— Colle Suite

— Are you open during the winter as well?

Riccardo: “Our season goes from Easter until November 2nd, which means we are open every day, even for one room or two rooms. In winter, we are only open for exclusive bookings of the entire house.”
Locanda’s terrace - Locanda al Colle, in Tuscany, Italy
— Locanda’s terrace
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