Le Pavillon de Galon is managed by Bibi and Guy, Writer and Art director respectively.
290 - 1024/night
Suitable for 2-6 people

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View of the garden and house - Le Pavillon de Galon, in Provence, France
— Bibi and Guy: “The most rewarding has been the enthusiasm of some people to consider this their preferred place on Earth.”
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— Pavillon de Galon is an 18th century hunting pavilion. Please tell us a bit about the history of the property.

Bibi and Guy: “It’s very interesting because Pavillon de Galon used to be a very important Roman villa. We have the most important water spring on this side of the Luberon and the Romans are, of course, very clever, so they mined it to bring the water directly to our place. It works naturally with no pump or electricity, apparently coming from the south of the Alps.

Later on, for the wealthier people in the 18th century in Provence, the countryside provided a pleasant escape from the towns. Hunting pavilions were built for people who wanted to come with friends for hunting, and for pretty girls. As opposed to Bastides or manor houses, that were more for the family. So it is kind of a pavillon de plaisir.

The original owner was a shipowner and he had boats going to the Americas, from where he brought back plants and trees that were planted here. Some of the trees we have on the terrace are more than 250 years old and have been classified as some of the oldest in Provence.”
View of the garden and house - Le Pavillon de Galon, in Provence, France
— View of the garden and house

— What was the inspiration to open Pavillon de Galon?

Bibi and Guy: “I’m Parisian and after Paris and many travels we decided to come to the Mare Nostrum, the most beautiful climate on Earth. The Luberon region is trendy and expensive, and we thought this valley would not be for us. But destiny is not always under control. We really liked the 18th century architecture and gardens, the fantastic, extraordinary trees, and the pools with water. It is just fabulous.”
Swimming pool - Le Pavillon de Galon, in Provence, France
— Swimming pool

— How would you describe the style of the interior at Pavillon de Galon?

Bibi and Guy: “We only have two suites at Pavillon de Galon. This is an enormous luxury for our clients.

The style of the interior aims to relax and has some French design, which is modern – ‘60s, ‘70s – mixed with old paintings and modern photography. We don’t want to have too many things on the walls or make it too bright or have too much fashion. I work a lot for all those magazines on style, decoration, design so I don’t want to bother people with fashion. We are in a way fashionable, but we are old fashioned.”
 - Le Pavillon de Galon, in Provence, France

— Please tell us a bit about the facilities of the B&B, the rooms, the pool and especially the gardens.

Bibi and Guy: “We have a swimming pool that is originally from a fresh water spring, but treated to be totally clean. It has two different decks so two couples can be on two separate decks, not visible to one another. In addition, we also have an original Roman untreated freshwater pool.

We really care a lot for people to have their own privacy. The suites have a common entry to the apartments that is separate from the main house. They have a small live-in kitchen that is shared between the two suites if they don’t want to go to any of the good restaurants we have nearby.

My wife and I, as well as our dog, who also live on the property, are really into gardening and our gardens were classified as a Remarkable Garden by the French Ministry of Culture.

We are mostly growing our own things organically and are totally against pesticides. We also offer cooking classes in the main kitchen and make our own wine. We only do 1,000 bottles so it’s small but very luxurious.”
Pavillon de Galon Suite One - Le Pavillon de Galon, in Provence, France
— Pavillon de Galon Suite One

— What would you describe to be the spirit of Pavillon de Galon and your philosophy?

Bibi and Guy: “It is all about living with nature.”
Pavillon de Galon Suite One - Le Pavillon de Galon, in Provence, France
— Pavillon de Galon Suite One

— In your opinion, what is the secret of being a good host?

Bibi and Guy: “I realized that if you don’t share a beautiful place, you just go crazy. The first time I thought of this I was working hard in the garden. I thought that if someone is doing this kind of work and is getting so involved in it but has to keep it private and hidden behind big walls for people not to see it from the road, the guy will become totally schizophrenic. We try to share nature, it is important to share beauty.

And our guests really appreciate that and they like the fact that if they want to be on their own, they’re completely on their own, and if they need anything, they know we are here to help them since we actually live here as well.”
 - Le Pavillon de Galon, in Provence, France
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