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Le Marche Villa is managed by Sophie, the Owner.
790 - 1360/night
Suitable for up to 11 people

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Le Marche Villa pool and view - Le Marche Villa, in Le Marche, Italy
— Sophie: “Tuscany was also an option but we found it more interesting to discover a new ‘territory’, the feeling to be in a place which is like Tuscany 30 years ago is just a luxury...”
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— Please tell us a bit about the restoration of the villa.

Sophie: “We discovered the old farmhouse in 2005, it was the last ruin we visited during our week of house hunting in Le Marche and it was the good one! It took us then 1 year to find the right architects and almost 4 years to complete the renovation which in Italy is always an exciting experience...”
Le Marche Villa pool and view - Le Marche Villa, in Le Marche, Italy
— Le Marche Villa pool and view

— What was your inspiration to rent the villa to vacation guests?

Sophie: “Our project was from the very beginning to share the result of our work. We have rented so many houses in the past for our own vacations and we never found something we completely loved. With this villa, it was our contribution to bring something new or special to the market.”
Pool area - Le Marche Villa, in Le Marche, Italy
— Pool area

— Please tell us a bit about the style of the interior and the architecture of the villa rental.

Sophie: “Well, I like to remember our first brief to our architects. We came with books and catalogues from Christian Liaigre, B&B Italia or Cote Sud... They listened to us very nicely, sometimes saying ‘yes, we understand...’. Then we got the first drawings of the concept which were amazing but rather different. The capacity to reflect our ideas and to surprise us always positively with their creativity is the proof of their great talent!”
 - Le Marche Villa, in Le Marche, Italy

— Please tell us a bit about the facilities at the vacation villa.

Sophie: “We tried to put in everything you need to enjoy a dream vacation without getting out of the casa. For the summer, we have an air conditioning system coming from the floor to feel fresh air without freezing. We also have a home theater system, satellite TV, music on the terrace connected to an iPod, a fitness room with Technogym equipment, an outside kitchen with grill and teppanyaki...and very soon a very minimalist pool table made sur mesure for our villa...”
Outside kitchen/dining area - Le Marche Villa, in Le Marche, Italy
— Outside kitchen/dining area

— What would you describe to be the essence of the villa?

Sophie: “Our leitmotiv has always been to combine the best of Italy from tradition to modernity. The villa is a mix of all the talents we can find in this gorgeous country.”
Terrace with outside kitchen - Le Marche Villa, in Le Marche, Italy
— Terrace with outside kitchen

— To you personally, what is so special about this villa rental?

Sophie: “Our italian friends in Treia used to say that the villa has the best position in Le Marche, on the top of the hills with a panoramic view from the landscape all the way to the Adriatic Coast. We spend hours admiring this marchigian landscape from the pool or the terrace!”
 - Le Marche Villa, in Le Marche, Italy
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