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Le Logis de Puygâty is managed by Pierre, the Owner.
150 - 343/night
Suitable for 2-3 people

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Le Logis de Puygâty - Le Logis de Puygâty, in Charente, France
— Pierre: “Everything works well here on a natural front, and people who stay here for two or three nights feel it. There’s a harmony between all the creatures living around here.”
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— Please tell us a bit about the history of the manor.

Pierre: “Our logis was built by an advisor to François I, the French Renaissance King, who was from Cognac. It’s unique in its style, built as a fortified farm. It’s very simple. It’s not a chateau or castle in the sense of what you’d expect.

It’s a wonderful comparison tour for people staying here to see the original chateau of François I in Cognac, because they see this was the advisor’s home and that is the castle of the boss.

The Knights Templar is a big thing here too, so for people who are interested in Middle Age history, there are very few regions in the world that are more incredible. The only mosaics of the Knights Templar still in existence today are about nine kilometers from here.”
Pierre d’Arceluz bedroom - Le Logis de Puygâty, in Charente, France
— Pierre d’Arceluz bedroom

— Why did you decide to turn the house into a Bed and Breakfast?

Pierre: “It was never intended to be a Bed and Breakfast. The idea came by accident.

A friend of ours had guests at his castle not far from here. He said he couldn’t put them all up for the night, so he asked if I had any rooms available. I told him they could have three of the rooms and he asked me how much I would charge them. I wasn’t going to charge, but he insisted. It was at that point when the idea came to us to turn it into a Bed and Breakfast.”
Lounge - Le Logis de Puygâty, in Charente, France
— Lounge

— Please tell us a bit about the renovations of Logis de Puygâty after you bought it.

Pierre: “The renovations were extensive. We changed all the roofs and remodeled all the outbuildings. The main mansion only had two bedrooms and no kitchen or bathroom, so we had to add those. We added three more rooms in the outbuildings and then turned one of the small houses into a self-contained caretaker’s house.”
 - Le Logis de Puygâty, in Charente, France

— How would you describe Le Logis de Puygâty in a nutshell?

Pierre: “Le Logis de Puygâty is a luxurious Bed and Breakfast or small hotel in an area of unspoiled natural beauty in the Charente, France. The historic manor is perfectly located to explore Cognac, Bordeaux and Limoges.”
François de Lâge bedroom - Le Logis de Puygâty, in Charente, France
— François de Lâge bedroom

— How would you describe the style of Le Logis de Puygâty?

Pierre: “It’s rustic, pure and simple, but with all the modern conveniences. We really kept the atmosphere of the place as much as we could. We also re-used a few of the original elements in the building. For example, in the Pierre d’Arceluz room, there was a hay-trough for the animals, so I decided to leave it as a headboard. We found sinks, which were stone carved basins from which the animals used to drink. We put a drain in the bottom and used them as sinks for the guest rooms.”
 - Le Logis de Puygâty, in Charente, France

— What kind of facilities do you offer as part of the B&B?

Pierre: “The rooms are all named after former owners. We have the François de Lâge room, the Pierre d’Arceluz room, who really saved the building from destruction. With his little means, he repaired the roofs and did other repairs here and there. Marie de la Laurencie was one of the female owners in the 1700s or 1800s. We gave her name to the third bedroom.

One of the large barns is a reception room where guests can have meals or hold weddings. We furnished it with all kinds of decorative objects, some made and others bought.

We offer WiFi in every room, as well as flat screen TVs. We have refrigerators or mini bars and cast iron radiators. We were considering putting in air conditioning, but the walls are 70 centimeters thick. So in the summer it’s always cool and it’s easy to heat in the winter.”
 - Le Logis de Puygâty, in Charente, France
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