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La Posta Vecchia is managed by Robert, the owner.
340 - 1760/night
Suitable for 2-6 people

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La Posta Vecchia and garden - La Posta Vecchia, in Rome, Italy
— Robert: “Being so close to the eternal city, enjoying the spectacular healthy atmosphere of La Posta Vecchia and living in a princely villa... it would be hard to say what I don’t like about it!”
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— Please tell us a bit about the history of the villa and how you turned it into a luxury hotel.

Robert: “The residence was an outbuilding of the castle built by Prince Orsini in 1640. J. Paul Getty bought the villa in 1960 and restored it to its original splendour, adding furniture, objects and artwork acquired from magnificent homes from around the world. I bought it from his heirs in 1980 and in 1990 I returned it to its original function of hospitality. The oldest part of its history lays in the foundations: during the restoration, Getty discovered two Roman villas from the 2nd century BC and the first century AD — their remnants are now exhibited in the hotel’s private museum.”
La Posta Vecchia - La Posta Vecchia, in Rome, Italy
— La Posta Vecchia

— How would you describe the style of the hotel?

Robert: “The style is pure Renaissance. La Posta Vecchia has one of the most important Italian collections of Renaissance furniture. Staying here is like being suspended in time and discovering a timeless luxury.”
Garden Room - La Posta Vecchia, in Rome, Italy
— Garden Room

— What would you describe to be the essence, the philosophy of La Posta Vecchia?

Robert: “We offer tailor-made, impeccable service, unique for its craft, artisanal character and identity.”
 - La Posta Vecchia, in Rome, Italy

— What facilities and services do you offer your holiday guests?

Robert: “La Posta Vecchia’s restaurant ‘The Cesar’ boasts the only Michelin-starred terrace overlooking the sea of the entire Roman coastline. Our LPV Health and Beauty club is renowned for the incomparable quality of its natural product branded Officina Farmaceutica Santa Maria Novella. We consider quality and beauty to be inseparable.”
Michelin star restaurant - La Posta Vecchia, in Rome, Italy
— Michelin star restaurant

— Please tell us about the different hotel rooms.

Robert: “Each of our 19 hotel rooms and suites has its own private history. The furniture, the art pieces and the personality of every room are unique. Our Getty and Medici master suites are spectacular, but I have to admit that the Castello suite is my favourite room. With its spectacular views over the sea and the Odescalchi Castle, its wooden ceilings and marble bathtub, this unmatchable room lets me indulge in a luxury cocoon.”
Castello Senior Suite - La Posta Vecchia, in Rome, Italy
— Castello Senior Suite

— To you personally, what is so special about La Posta Vecchia?

Robert: “It is my home! What else?”
 - La Posta Vecchia, in Rome, Italy
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