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Indulgence Divine is managed by Gattaldo, Art Director & Producer.
84 - 147/night
Suitable for up to 2 people

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Indulgence Divine lounge - Indulgence Divine, in Malta, Malta
— Gattaldo: “My favourite piece is the wardrobe, an open pièce de résistance. Of course it would be totally impractical in a home, it’s designed for short adventures.”
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— What was your inspiration to buy Indulgence Divine?

Gattaldo: “We bought Indulgence Divine about three years ago. We fell in love with the property. It’s a 16th century house in this historic maritime town. And from the beginning, we intended to rent it out. You know, when my partner and I travel, we always look for properties that somehow enhance the way we experience a place. We wanted to create an accommodation that would do the same for others, starting with what we look for in a property. For example, the location we chose was one in the hub of local life, what one would call a popular area. Not popular with tourists, that is, but with the locals. Not an upmarket part of town where everything is uniform and tediously co-ordinated, but a place with colour and character.”
Indulgence Divine lounge - Indulgence Divine, in Malta, Malta
— Indulgence Divine lounge

— What is the history of the house?

Gattaldo: “As with many of the houses in historic villages like this one, it would have been much larger. Originally both our neighbour's house and the shop beneath would have been one and the same with Indulgence Divine. In fact, Indulgence's bedroom was once the property's private chapel and, if you look closely at the stone walls you'll notice old maritime graffiti, sails and all.

I haven’t yet researched the original owners of the house, but what is for sure is that it dates back to the time of the Knights of St. John. The size of its hand cut stones indicates that it was built in the 1500s.

Indulgence Divine is located in the restricted Collacchio area within the walls of the original town, right on a natural harbour. The Order of St. John was a maritime organization. It was vital for them to be close to their ships. I doubt the original owner was a Knight, I rather fancy it would have been a wealthy merchant.”
Indulgence Divine kitchen - Indulgence Divine, in Malta, Malta
— Indulgence Divine kitchen

— When you bought Indulgence Divine, did you have to refurbish it or was it in quite an original state?

Gattaldo: “The house had gone through a few unsympathetic changes already. It would appear that there had been a large family living in the house, in what must have been a rather cramped space as it had already been divided. Prior to the purchase, work had started to remodel the house as a café. Unfortunately some of the restoration that took place wasn’t up to standard – the supervision of an architect was missing. So we had to undo the poor restoration harming both the character and the actual fabric of the place and try and bring it back as much as possible to its original state, using traditional materials and skills.

Our architect is a specialist in restoration and has worked on projects far more substantial than Indulgence Divine. So we had the expertise on hand for all that the building works threw at us. It wasn't just a question of restoration. We designed Indulgence Divine with holiday living in mind; introducing more light and making sure that the space both inspired and intrigued.”
 - Indulgence Divine, in Malta, Malta

— How would you desccribe the style of Indulgence Divine?

Gattaldo: “We pursued a contemporary design as I wanted to breath new life into the house, whilst respecting its rich history. The neutral limestone walls are like a blank canvas to the colourful fabrics and a backdrop to the statement pieces. We employed excellent local craftsmen for bespoke furniture such as the table with its curvy legs and Carrara marble top, but also for the apertures and spiral staircase.

The design is unfettered from the muted colours of considered 'style' but large areas of white consolidate the wild colour scheme. There are few “found pieces” such as the French Liberty bed, but most of the furniture is bespoke or altered in some way. My favourite piece is the wardrobe. It stands there like a monumental niche, waiting to display our guests' favourite ensemble, an open pièce de résistance, unlike other wardrobes, which tend to be closed and taciturn. Of course it would be totally impractical in a home, it’s designed for short adventures.”
Indulgence Divine dining room - Indulgence Divine, in Malta, Malta
— Indulgence Divine dining room

— I really like the bathroom as well. The tiles look beautiful.

Gattaldo: “Yes, the glass mosaic glistens in the morning sun and as it follows the curves of the shower. The double shower was a bit of a fetish of mine because the whole rational behind the property is that it’s a romantic place to stay, a place for a couple to indulge. It’s very important for their experience to be... well, romantic. That’s the whole thing.

What you can’t see in the pictures is the texture on the tiles. It's like leather, very subtle, but it feels soft to the touch when you’re in the bathroom.”
Indulgence Divine bathroom - Indulgence Divine, in Malta, Malta
— Indulgence Divine bathroom

— How did you come up with the name Indulgence Divine?

Gattaldo: “It’s the fact that the house is so close to the Inquisitor’s Palace — because back in 1575 in Malta, a tribunal was set up by the medieval Catholic Church to eradicate heresy. The word Indulgence brings to mind gratification through one's holiday, fulfilment through something beautiful, satisfaction in comfort, all ideas we want associated with our accommodation. But, for those familiar with the Church's history, ‘Indulgence’ is also a grant of remission that the Church sold to the faithful. In a way that's the way we'd like to see Indulgence Divine - dispensing a slice of heaven.”
 - Indulgence Divine, in Malta, Malta
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