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Il Fienile is managed by Gabriela, Designer.
145 - 165/night
Suitable for up to 2 people

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Il Fienile - Il Fienile, in Tuscany, Italy
— Gabriela: “There are still a lot of locals here and you feel more a part of the community than being treated as a tourist as in many other parts of Tuscany.”
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— How would you describe the property?

Gabriela: “It is a 14th century stone construction and was part of a huge estate which stretched from Florence to Arezzo. Back then the barn was used for storing straw and housing animals. We now rent out just one bedroom as a B&B.

It’s very unusual because the layout is very long and narrow, so when you see it head on, it seems like a huge house, but from another angle, it’s very narrow. When I first saw the roof, it reminded me of a Shanghai tea house more than Tuscan construction.”
Il Fienile - Il Fienile, in Tuscany, Italy
— Il Fienile

— What was your inspiration to rent it out a room as a Bed and Breakfast?

Gabriela: “We bought the barn in 2002 and renovated it. My background is in architecture and the arts and I now work in fashion design. My daughter, who was involved in developing the designs for the house, is also an architect.

With our kids all grown, we thought why not share it with people because we put a lot of effort and love into it.”
Garden views - Il Fienile, in Tuscany, Italy
— Garden views

— How would you describe the style of the house?

Gabriela: “Someone mentioned that it is like new Tuscan, but it’s not very Tuscan. It’s Tuscan on the outside, and we still have it manicured to look like a barn and have the swimming pool looking like an animal’s drinking fountain. It looks like it’s always been there. A modern blue pool next to an old barn would look too perfect and pretentious. So we kept it quite rustic looking.

On approaching the house, you come from the woods. In the middle of the woods on the clearing on the hill the views are beautiful. It was a challenge to make the gardens not look too planned, so now the woods become the gardens and the gardens become the house.”
 - Il Fienile, in Tuscany, Italy

— And the interior is more modern?

Gabriela: “The best thing about the house are the tiles. They are graniglia tiles and there are 2500 of them. You can normally find them in houses built in the 50s. Each one is different and they were originally used as the border of the tile floor. When someone saved these, they only saved the patterned ones, so our entire floor is made of the patterned tiles. The floor pattern was laid outside first and then the tiles were brought in one by one. The entire space had only beaten ground when we bought it.

The furniture consists of pieces from the 40s, 50s and 60s as well as some contemporary ones from the end of the last century.”
Gardens and pool - Il Fienile, in Tuscany, Italy
— Gardens and pool

— What facilities and services do you offer as part of the B&B?

Gabriela: “It’s a Bed and Breakfast with just one room which suits two adults. There isn’t really a place for children, although, we could put a traveling cot in there. The guest room is laid out with an original tile pattern, has its own bathroom, a view of the garden and its own entrance.

For breakfast we serve all local, organic produce including our own eggs. We have a local place where we do all our shopping. It offers local produce from local farmers. Nothing comes from farmers further than 25 kilometres.

For dinner, guests go to the nearby restaurants. There are great places to eat around here, everything from typical Tuscan to gourmet Tuscan. There are a lot of slow food places, where people really cook with passion and care what they use as ingredients.”
Il Fienile interiors - Il Fienile, in Tuscany, Italy
— Il Fienile interiors

— What is so special about the house to you?

Gabriela: “It just has a good vibe. I’m not sure how to describe it, but when I arrive there every day after work, it’s like going on holiday. Just lovely, come and share it with me and my three cats.

It’s very close to all the facilities. We’re an eight minute drive from the train station and 10 minutes from the motorway, and five minutes from a big supermarket. But it feels really secluded. There’s no traffic. We have neighbours nearby, so it’s not totally isolated, but it’s private. But then if you need some retail therapy, we’re only 10 minutes from the Prada outlet.”
 - Il Fienile, in Tuscany, Italy
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