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Hudson Valley Mill is managed by Ariana, Stylist.
$350 - $950/night
Suitable for 8-9 people

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Hudson Valley Mill exterior - Hudson Valley Mill, in Upstate New York, United States
— Ariana: “Guests are inspired by the architectural aspect of the house and the history of it and the idea of this having been someone’s life work and renovation process.”
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— Please tell us a little about the history of Hudson Valley Mill.

Ariana: “My father had just gotten out of architecture school and was looking for a project. He was looking for something next to a body of water, and this was what he found. My mother was an interior designer and together they created an amazing home.

The property is an old mill that had been abandoned for many years and the whole interior was basically a hollow shell except for the steel beams and the stone structure. Together, they began to redesign the interior.”
Hudson Valley Mill exterior - Hudson Valley Mill, in Upstate New York, United States
— Hudson Valley Mill exterior

— When did you decide to rent out the house to vacation guests?

Ariana: “In 1998, my father passed away and I inherited the house. At the time, I was living in a small apartment on the Lower East Side in New York City. Taking on a big house by myself seemed like a daunting task for one person. I knew early on that I wanted to share the house with other people.

I had yearly tenants but after a while, I decided to try doing short term vacations. It was great to have people who appreciated the house coming in and out; it really breathed a lot of life into the place and reignited my love for it. Since then, we’ve been fortunate to have so many great tenants.”
River - Hudson Valley Mill, in Upstate New York, United States
— River

— What is so special about this vacation rental?

Ariana: “There’s so much. It’s really the whole property. But the house itself, when I was growing up, there was always a table saw going and the sounds of hammer and nails. It was always a work in progress.

Aside from my father being an architect, he was also an artist. It’s almost as though the house is the embodiment of his biggest art piece. There’s a sentimental and emotional connection. To be there enables me to be closer to him, which is important to me. Everywhere I look, I see his work.

Now the house has become my project. I’m adding to what my parents started and it has become a creative outlet for me. Connecting to nature has made me realize how important that is and it’s made my life a little quieter which is helping my art to grow. I look at it more now as a big gift from both of my parents and less as a tremendous and daunting project.

Swimming in the waterfall is something I’ve been doing since I was a baby and it’s very comforting to revisit it every summer.”
 - Hudson Valley Mill, in Upstate New York, United States

— Looking back over the past few years renting out the house, what’s been most rewarding about the whole experience?

Ariana: “It’s kind of funny. I bought this guestbook and I left it in the kitchen and forgot about it. Then one weekend, my friend and I were working on the house and she saw the guestbook. It was such an experience to sit down and look through the book and read about all these experiences that people had in the house. It was so touching. There were really personal things people had written that would never have occurred to me.

This summer and fall, we actually had two couples who got married here. That was beautiful to see, sort of like bringing new life into it. Sharing the house with other people and seeing them have their own happy experiences in it is very rewarding.”
Living room - Hudson Valley Mill, in Upstate New York, United States
— Living room

— Please tell us a bit about the vacation home’s rooms and facilities.

Ariana: “The original turbine from when the house was a functioning mill is still in the ground floor area. Going up from that, the main floor has a kitchen, living room and dining room area with a fireplace for atmosphere and a functional wood stove.

The living room has a very high ceiling and opens up to the second floor. There’s exposed stone all through the house, but particularly in the living room. The kitchen has a little nook to sit in and an island in the middle with a stove.

The second level has the master bedroom with master bathroom and a wood stove. Another room used to be an office but was converted into a bedroom. Toward the back, there are two rooms, a smaller bedroom with twin beds and a loft that used to be my room, and then another room, both of which have great views of the waterfall. And there’s a deck upstairs off of a sitting area at the back.”
Hudson Valley Mill terrace - Hudson Valley Mill, in Upstate New York, United States
— Hudson Valley Mill terrace

— How would you describe the vacation home’s style?

Ariana: “It’s mid-century modern, a mix of new and some antique pieces. All of my father’s artwork, his paintings, are throughout the house. But it’s very simple and minimal so it doesn’t feel so much like you’re in somebody’s home with their things, yet it still captures that homey feel.

I have my own collection of Catherine Holm Scandinavian enamelware on display in the kitchen. It’s brightly colored from the ‘60s and ‘70s. But otherwise, it’s very simple and clean. The house has so much going on in itself, I didn’t want to detract from that.”
 - Hudson Valley Mill, in Upstate New York, United States
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