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Home Hotel is managed by Patricia, the Owner.
$145 - $480/night
Suitable for 2-4 people

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Home Hotel Garden Suite - Home Hotel, in Buenos Aires, Argentina
— Patricia: “Home Hotel is a hip place without the attitude.”
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— Please tell us a bit about how Home Hotel got started.

Patricia: “At the time, my husband was a producer in the music industry, but with music downloads becoming more popular, there wasn’t much left to do for a producer anymore. Musicians now aren’t spending a lot of time in the studio, they tour instead. Our future prospects didn’t look good.

Our friends would come visit us in Palermo and they were always looking for hotels when they visited. We were trying to find a place where everyone could stay but there wasn’t a suitable hotel in the area. Argentina in 2002 was so cheap. The properties had come down in price, which is not that common in Argentina, so we decided to do a hotel.

We were the first boutique hotel to open with all the services. Now there are dozens of boutique hotels, but at the time it was a very new idea. We were sort of the pioneers of it in this area.”
Home Hotel Garden Suite - Home Hotel, in Buenos Aires, Argentina
— Home Hotel Garden Suite

— I love the interior of Home Hotel. How would you describe it?

Patricia: “Home Hotel is modern with a hint of retro. We worked with two architects, and for two years while the hotel was being built, we went to a lot of flea markets to look for specific things. We also designed some of the furniture. Three months before opening, we put it all together.

One of the things we insisted upon was working with vintage wallpaper. It was 2003, when wallpaper wasn’t as fashionable as it is today. Every single room has vintage wallpaper — anything from 1923 onward. We’ve got French, German, 1950s, ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s. We had been collecting them for years and they’re all original.”
Garden Suite terrace - Home Hotel, in Buenos Aires, Argentina
— Garden Suite terrace

— Please tell us a bit about the facilities, the rooms, the spa and restaurant at the hotel.

Patricia: “We’ve got 20 rooms at Home Hotel. The garden suite is US $450 with tax, but then we have another one that is US $150 with tax included. So, we offer a room for everyone.

We have twice-a-day maids and a concierge service, as well as having our own restaurant. We have a heated pool, which is not that common in Buenos Aires, and a small spa with some of the best massage therapists using organic jojoba oil.

We have a cocktail bar tended by an Argentinean cocktail maker who won the 2010 barman of the year and went to represent Argentina at the world cocktail championship in Singapore. Our liquor is high end with good quality ingredients. You won’t get Smirnoff or Absolut vodka here. Our bar is always voted one of the top 10 cocktail bars in Buenos Aires within the local community. It’s also in a beautiful garden and is very quiet, which people like.

We’re a small hotel but offer a lot of services. We try to get the best of everything and not cut corners.”
 - Home Hotel, in Buenos Aires, Argentina

— What would you describe to be the spirit of Home Hotel?

Patricia: “It’s sort of a hip place without the attitude. Sometimes you get these hotels that are super cool, but you don’t feel very well looked after. When a place is fashionable, there’s usually an attitude. It’s hard to find somewhere nice where you can walk in wearing a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and find the staff friendly (unless you’re somebody important or famous).”
Home Hotel bar and restaurant - Home Hotel, in Buenos Aires, Argentina
— Home Hotel bar and restaurant

— How would you like your vacation guests to remember their stay?

Patricia: “The big thing with Home Hotel, that also has to do with the name, is that it’s a hotel with personality and with a certain energy. It doesn’t look like an architect’s rendering. That’s a mistake that many other hotels make. Tom and I are really passionate about architecture and design, so maybe other owners don’t have that. There are a lot of hotels in the area now, but they don’t have any personality. They’re expensive, but you don’t see that personal touch.

We offer some of the things that remind you of home—you feel safe and warm. It’s not cold. Everything is done with clean lines and green and lots of light. That’s the difference to other hotels, and most people get it because they choose to stay here.”
Home Hotel superior room - Home Hotel, in Buenos Aires, Argentina
— Home Hotel superior room

— Tell me a bit about ‘Green Home’ please.

Patricia: “Home Hotel is proud to have pioneered ‘eco-design’ and many other environmentally-friendly business practices to the Buenos Aires hotel scene. This ranges from avoiding unnecessary waste and using reusable packaging where possible to extensive energy saving measures throughout the hotel and donating out of use items to local hospitals and non-profit organisations.

All Home staff receive training about running an environmentally-conscious business and we inspect the factories and offices of our suppliers, such as laundry services, to ensure a good level of cleanliness and that the workers are treated well.

We also play an active role in our community and support our local food shops when we put together our natural restaurant menu.”
Home Hotel zen patio - Home Hotel, in Buenos Aires, Argentina
— Home Hotel zen patio
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