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Greek Island Retreat is managed by Maria, the owner.
1785 - 3570/night
Suitable for 8-22 people

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Greek Island Retreat - Greek Island Retreat, in Cyclades, Greece
— Maria: “The only way I could describe it would be to compare it to a dream, because unless you’ve experienced it, you cannot even imagine that it’s possible to have a house in such a location all to yourself.”
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— How would you describe the experience at Greek Island Retreat in a nutshell?

Maria: “The only way I could describe it would be to compare it to a dream, because unless you’ve experienced it, you cannot even imagine that it’s possible to have a house in such a location all to yourself. It’s very comfortable and homey, and gives you the feeling of incredible space, the beauty of nature, and the sea.”
 - Greek Island Retreat, in Cyclades, Greece

— How did you get started renting out the beach house?

Maria: “This island in the Cyclades just an hour from Athens has belonged to our family since the early 20th century. My husband and I both previously lived in various cities in the US and Europe but moved back to Greece in 2008 and now live on the island to take care of the property.

Starting out renting the beach house to holiday guests, there were a lot of practical difficulties that we had to face, like establishing electricity independent of generators by putting up photovoltaic panels. Then we had to take care of our water needs since we don’t have natural spring water in abundance here. It was hard work but it’s been an amazing experience.

We absolutely love it here on the island and live a very different life from that in a big city. Nature is so inspiring every day. I’m currently planting my vegetable garden. Each seed that sprouts up feels like a miracle. It’s very fulfilling.”
Lounge - Greek Island Retreat, in Cyclades, Greece
— Lounge

— Please tell us a bit more about your ecological efforts.

Maria: “Because we are on a small island here, we understand the need to grow produce organically and to ecologically manage our resources. Otherwise we would destroy the environment very quickly. For example, every time we use the washing machine we are very aware of how much electricity is being used. Something we never concerned ourselves with in the city.

In the same way, it’s true with water. We try to collect as much rainwater as possible, so every drop is precious to us. We also keep an eye on our pipes to ensure there are no leaks. Last but not least, we have farm animals here so we need enough water to sustain them.

With the help of technology we have established a system that supplies us and our holiday guests with plenty of energy and water to meet all our needs.”
 - Greek Island Retreat, in Cyclades, Greece

— Can you describe the beach house please?

Maria: “The beach house was built in the 1920s and was renovated 25 years ago. A couple of years back we brought it up-to-date. We followed the original style of the house, which is a Neo-classical, turn-of-the-century structure, and restored it to make it modern while maintaining the finesse of that time.

The house is very comfortable with beautiful large rooms and tall ceilings. Each bedroom has its own marble bathroom with very nice fixtures. There are terraces all around it that offer beautiful views of the landscape encompassing cypress and olive trees, as well as the sea.

Within four steps from the house you are in the water. Behind the house is the barbecue area which has a huge wooden table for 20 people.

Besides the beach house, there is the building we live in about 200 metres away and some other buildings used by the employees, but the rest is all nature — beaches, mountains, and the sea. There are no other permanent residents, so it offers a lot of privacy as well.”
Greek Island Retreat - Greek Island Retreat, in Cyclades, Greece
— Greek Island Retreat

— What are some of the services you offer to holiday guests?

Maria: “We have a chef available to take care of the cooking if guests so wish. Depending on their needs, they can stay here on a self-catering basis or have us partly or fully cater to them.

The produce here are delicious. There are a lot of things one can get from our farm on the island, and fresh fish from the fishermen. You can find everything else you need from the markets nearby. We have the luxury of an abundance here on the island typical of a big city.

Holiday guests have free access to the water sport equipment and the bicycles. We have a lot of fun activities for children here like going to the beach, swimming, and checking out the farm animals and ponies.

One of the ponies can be ridden by older kids, and we also have horses here. We saved them from the miserable conditions they were in. We don’t ride them because they have been injured but I’m trying to save all the strays, so I tend to collect a lot of animals. It’s a luxury to have the space to accommodate them.”
 - Greek Island Retreat, in Cyclades, Greece

— What kind of produce do you grow on the island?

Maria: “I have to admit I’m a novice, but I’ve been fairly successful with tomatoes, so we have an abundance of tomatoes. The summer sun makes them incredibly sweet and aromatic.

This is a Mediterranean climate, so we grow with the seasons. Everything we grow is available to the guests, including fresh eggs.

We have a big celebration around the olive harvest at the end of October. We have them made into olive oil in an old-fashioned press nearby. So this is not just a summer place. We have incredible activities in the area year-round. ”
 - Greek Island Retreat, in Cyclades, Greece
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