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Grand Daddy is managed by Jan, responsible for Management and Marketing.
R1075 - R2750/night
Suitable for 2-5 people

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Daddy Cool bar and lounge - Grand Daddy, in Cape Town, South Africa
— Jan: “To me it’s like a love story. There are so many little things that make Cape Town special. I’m in love with Cape Town, I’m in love with the country, I’m in love with the people.”
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— Please tell me a bit about the Grand Daddy. What makes it such a special place in Cape Town?

Jan: “Grand Daddy’s got a special feel about it and I think it’s more retro than anything else. Retro because it’s an old hotel that we’ve refurnished, but it’s also got modern touches that make a difference and add a modern, chic feel to it.

From the trailer park at the top all the way down it’s just got a vibe, it’s got a feel. It’s got style and a touch of class, but essentially it’s a fun hotel. That’s what everybody comments on. And the beauty is, we get everybody from 25 to 65 and everybody loves it so we’re doing something right. It’s a hotel where you arrive as a guest and leave as a friend.”
Airstream trailer on rooftop - Grand Daddy, in Cape Town, South Africa
— Airstream trailer on rooftop

— The airstream trailer park on the rooftop is obviously a really unique idea. I bet they are quite popular?

Jan: “Yeah, they’re very popular. Most people want to spend the first night there because it’s an absolutely unique experience. A trailer is a trailer so it’s a little bit more cramped. The toilet’s cramped and the showers are a little short if you’re really tall. But the fact is that it’s very unique and that’s what we try to sell at the Grand Daddy.”
Daddy Cool bar and lounge - Grand Daddy, in Cape Town, South Africa
— Daddy Cool bar and lounge

— And the interior of the trailers were designed by different local designers, is that correct?

Jan: “Yes, each interior was designed by a different artist. We have trailers called Goldilocks, Afro-Funk or John and Yoko, so each trailer has got a totally different and absolutely unique design. We are currently planning on refurbishing the trailers and redesigning the interiors again with a slightly more local, South African, theme. We’ve got a great country so it’s very exciting.”
 - Grand Daddy, in Cape Town, South Africa

— Please tell me a little bit about the history of the hotel. It seems to be quite a historic place in Cape Town.

Jan: “Yes, it was one of the original hotels in Cape Town — a very famous hotel called the Metropole Hotel in Long Street which is the main street of Cape Town. It was known for its buffet lunches and dinners on the second floor on top of Long Street. It’s got an amazing position. It’s a 15 minute walk down to the waterfront and 10-15 minute walk to most of the big restaurants in Cape Town.”
Grand Daddy Skybar - Grand Daddy, in Cape Town, South Africa
— Grand Daddy Skybar

— And when did you buy Grand Daddy?

Jan: “The old hotel was renovated about 4 years ago by the then owners Jodi and Nick. They were the guys who also came up with the amazing idea of putting those American Airstream trailers on the top of the roof. That’s what really puts the Grand Daddy Hotel in a different league.

I bought it in June just before the world cup in 2010. My idea is just to fine tune it a little more to get the service right, make it look even nicer and just bring it to a very nice level of a 4-star hotel. And it’s good value for the middle of Cape Town, being so close to everything.”
 - Grand Daddy, in Cape Town, South Africa

— Please tell me a little bit about the facilities at Grand Daddy hotel.

Jan: “We’re a bit of an attraction hotel. We’ve got the restaurant downstairs on the corner of Long Street and Castle Street, which is open to both sides of the road. lt’s kind of a vibe-y restaurant with good food, and a very good price.

We’ve got the trailer park on the rooftop with its own pub, so for sundown it’s fantastic and on Friday nights we have a live band playing from 6 to 8. It’s very, very popular.

We also have a cinema up there, The Pink Flamingo. It’s absolutely unique, because we combine it with a little picnic with everything from a bottle of wine, to the main course and snacks. It’s absolutely mind-boggling sitting under the sky and looking at one of the old movies. It’s one hell of a night out.

We’ve also got maybe three or four of the finest restaurants around us. And just five blocks further, you’re in the middle of all the bars and the night life of Cape Town.”
 - Grand Daddy, in Cape Town, South Africa
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