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Elsewhere... is managed by Denzil, Fashion photographer.
36 - 1475/night
Suitable for 2-6 people

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The Piggery at Elsewhere - Elsewhere..., in Goa, India
— Denzil: “Unless you have been here before, it can be difficult to find us. And we prefer to keep it that way to make you feel that you are leaving civilization, going to a place that is somewhere else...”
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— What is the history of Elsewhere...?

Denzil: “Elsewhere has been in the family since 1886. It was bought by my great grandfather and it was used as a holiday home during the summertime. And then subsequently, it went from my great grandfather to my grandfather and then to my uncle and then finally down to us. And after me it will go to my son. I started it as a place where people can go for their holidays about 7 or 8 years ago.”
Elsewhere bedroom - Elsewhere..., in Goa, India
— Elsewhere bedroom

— What would you describe to be the essence of Elsewhere...?

Denzil: “Well, my intention when I restored the houses was to make them as authentic and charming as possible in terms of the look and feel. The idea was to take you back in time and yet be comfortable. But we are not trying to be a luxury kind of boutique hotel. That is not what we are about. It is more about being authentic, yet comfortable and in a setting, which is really beautiful. And we haven’t really changed anything in terms of the natural surroundings, so it remains the way it was, even in terms of the environment. I really don’t think that there are any other beach houses anywhere in Goa, which have been left exactly the way they were a hundred years ago.”
The Priests House at Elsewhere - Elsewhere..., in Goa, India
— The Priests House at Elsewhere

— In what way is it different from the rest of Goa?

Denzil: “It still is a comparatively undeveloped area compared to the rest of Goa. Lately, people have been attracted to this area a bit more, but in comparison to the rest of Goa, it is generally not as built up. You know, there are practically no big concrete structures on the beach, so it is much closer to nature.”
Beach - Elsewhere..., in Goa, India
— Beach

— Please tell us about the buildings at Elsewhere...

Denzil: “They originate from the Portuguese era and they have been restored in the best possible way and reflect the past in that sense. But inside, they do have the comforts that one would require to have a decent holiday. Some of them are even air-conditioned and of course you have hot water and other things that are necessary. So, yes, they look old and they are old in a sense, but they have been modified so that they are comfortable.”
The Piggery at Elsewhere - Elsewhere..., in Goa, India
— The Piggery at Elsewhere

— There are also tents?

Denzil: “Yes, we have three exclusive, comfortable tents at Elsewhere... They are right on the beach and face the creek, which runs parallel to the sea. Each tent sleeps 2 people in a double four-poster bed and has private ensuite toilets and bathrooms. Each tent also has its own little terrace and a bamboo jetty over the creek.”
Otter creek tent at Elsewhere - Elsewhere..., in Goa, India
— Otter creek tent at Elsewhere

— You run Elsewhere... like a boutique hotel. What sort of food are you serving?

Denzil: “We have a whole range of food actually. We have Indian food and continental food. When I say Indian, I mean not necessarily Goan, but we also have Goan food, of course, which has this great Portuguese influence. We have a huge menu and a great variety, because sometimes we have people who are staying a long time and we don’t want them get bored with the food.”
Elsewhere kitchen - Elsewhere..., in Goa, India
— Elsewhere kitchen
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