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$663 - $2208/night
Suitable for 2-10 people

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Potter House - Dunton Hot Springs, in Colorado, United States
— Edoardo: “Dunton is a very unluxury luxury resort. It opens your eyes to an experiential kind of travel, which can be very appealing and that is how travel should be.”
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— How would you describe Dunton Hot Springs in a nutshell?

Edoardo: “Dunton Hot Springs is a luxury resort in the San Juan Mountains of the Colorado Rockies. This former ghost town once used to be a mining camp that is now fully restored into an exclusive vacationing spot with rustic log cabins centered around therapeutic hot springs.”
Potter House - Dunton Hot Springs, in Colorado, United States
— Potter House

— Please tell us about the history of the town.

Edoardo: “It’s a historical mining town from the late 1800’s that was abandoned for close to 90 years. Story has it that in 1898, Butch Cassidy robbed his first bank in Telluride, which is just across the mountain. He hid in Dunton, where his name is carved in the bar and guests can now have a whiskey where Butch Cassidy once was.

The West was home to many dude ranches that are now recreated as hotels but Dunton Hot Springs is different. It is a true historic town, the essence of what it used to be. That is what we focus on during any kind of renovation or updating.

There are different stories as to why the town was established around the hot springs, either due to it being a rich area in minerals, so gold and silver were thought to be here, or just because of the fact that the hot springs provide a natural hot bath.”
Wedding at Dunton Hot Springs - Dunton Hot Springs, in Colorado, United States
— Wedding at Dunton Hot Springs

— What was the inspiration to create such an exclusive retreat in a ghost town?

Edoardo: “It started in 1994 when the owner purchased the property as a real estate investment. He had been skiing in Telluride and when a realtor friend of his mentioned there was a ghost town for sale with natural hot springs, he decided to buy the property that very day.

The whole idea was to sell plots of land to build homes and develop the old town as kind of an amenity to residential homes. However, he quickly changed his mind, not wanting to ruin the valley by selling it off individually. The initial plan therefore was to restore the town and use it as his personal vacation home in Colorado. But since they did not want to keep such a beautiful town boarded up for most of the year, they decided to open it up to the public in 2001. Dunton Hot Springs still feels like the home it was intended to be, with a very communal but luxurious setting.”
 - Dunton Hot Springs, in Colorado, United States

— What’s the philosophy of Dunton Hot Springs?

Edoardo: “The resort is out in the middle of nowhere, with 45 minutes from the closest civilization at 3,000 meters of elevation. It definitely is a place for people who enjoy nature and the outdoors. But at the same time they also enjoy the finer things in life, such as the great food that we offer, great cocktails, and our amazing services, which would expect from a posh hotel, but in a very casual and comfortable environment.

Our guests can be at total ease when they are staying here. Dunton Hot Springs is a getaway where they can disconnect, yet still enjoy meals and cocktails just like at 5-star restaurants.”
Dolores Cabin - Dunton Hot Springs, in Colorado, United States
— Dolores Cabin

— Please tell us about the rooms and facilities at the resort.

Edoardo: “We have a total of 13 accommodations on the property, which range from one to five bedrooms and all are different in terms of interior design. In the summer we have eight tents at Dunton River Camp to get people even more in touch with nature. They’re beautiful tents with bathrooms, beds, stoves, and internet.

The cabins were moved around during the renovation to create a circular setting around the saloon and dance hall. That’s where the restaurant is, the kitchen and dining rooms, and the original bar from the late 1800’s. The only three buildings that remain in their original location are the saloon and dance hall, the bath house where the natural hot springs are, and Dunton store, which used to be the general store for the town.

The yoga studio and spa room, called Pony Express, used to be an original Pony Express building from Colorado Springs, which was transported to Dunton. We also have a library that was built using historic timbers.”
Potter House bedroom - Dunton Hot Springs, in Colorado, United States
— Potter House bedroom

— What sort of services does Dunton Hot Springs offer?

Edoardo: “Our restaurant accommodates special dietary needs and we customize meals based on the guests’ preferences using local products as much as possible. We create amazing meals and stick to the philosophy of getting the best ingredients possible. Our chef is Native American, so there’s a lot of native influence in the meals. He forages wild foods, so in the summer, for example, we’ll have a lot of wild mushrooms on the menus.

We have a vineyard down the canyon from us and also grow a lot of our fruits and vegetables in the summer. We are a farm-to-table restaurant.

The rates at the resort are all inclusive and we also provide room service and breakfast.”
 - Dunton Hot Springs, in Colorado, United States
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