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Dar Ahlam is managed by Hicham, the owner.
490 - 1890/night
Suitable for 2-4 people

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Dar Ahlam Kasbah - Dar Ahlam, in Atlas Mountains, Morocco
— Hicham: “Our staff creates different themes for each day of your stay, surprising our guests by providing different meals in unique and completely private locations.”
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— How would you describe Dar Ahlam in a nutshell?

Hicham: “Dar Ahlam is a traditional, 19th century kasbah with high walls, narrow passageways and secret terraces that unconventionally mixes theatre and boutique lodgings. Set in the Moroccan desert this combination enables each guest to become fully immersed in the local culture and the natural surroundings.

The hotel’s staff creates different themes for each day of a guests’ stay, surprising them by providing different meals in unique locations. Breakfast might be in your own private space in the middle of the garden one morning, involving a specific type of cutlery or specific type of food. The morning after it will completely different, as we never repeat meals or experiences.”
Dar Ahlam Kasbah - Dar Ahlam, in Atlas Mountains, Morocco
— Dar Ahlam Kasbah

— Please tell us about the rooms at Dar Ahlam.

Hicham: “There are 14 rooms at Dar Ahlam, eight of which are in the main building. From 30 to 45 square meters in size, these rooms are spread out over three floors with three rooms on the first floor, four on the second, and one on the ground floor.

Four superior suites are located outside the main building. These are beautiful suites and very spacious with 100 square meters each. There is also a villa in one of the gardens with a large bedroom, bathroom, a kitchenette, and a huge salon. These suites have private terraces and are more modern in design but with a little Moroccan touch.

All of the rooms are designed with different themes and their names are linked to the local history of the region where we are. They each have air-conditioning as well as heated floors and fireplaces.”
Superior suite - Dar Ahlam, in Atlas Mountains, Morocco
— Superior suite

— How would you describe the atmosphere at the hotel?

Hicham: “The atmosphere at Dar Ahlam is very personal and adaptable to the needs of each individual guest. Whether our guests seek relaxation or would like to be active, everything is possible.

The house is not formal at all, but rather exudes an understated luxury, mixing rich Moroccan influences with French sophistication. Local materials were used in the construction of all quarters, such as adobe, bamboo, or lemon and olive tree wood. Dar Ahlam is elegant yet down to earth. Even when just looking at its architecture and design, the hotel really offers a unique immersion into local culture.”
 - Dar Ahlam, in Atlas Mountains, Morocco

— What services and facilities do you offer at the hotel?

Hicham: “Guests can be as free and spontaneous as they want to be at our hotel, therefore all meals are included and can be taken at any time throughout the day. Guests just have to show up and will be taken to an exclusive area set aside just for them personally. Moroccan wine, as a tribute to our culture, as well as other alcoholic drinks such as champagne are included in the room price as well.

A personal driver and a guide are at our guests’ disposal. There is a pool at the hotel, which is open to our guests and they can also get massages and relax at our hammam.”
Dinner in the Dar Ahlam garden - Dar Ahlam, in Atlas Mountains, Morocco
— Dinner in the Dar Ahlam garden

— What type of food do you serve and what’s the philosophy behind it?

Hicham: “We want the meals to be as simple as possible, allowing us to focus on the quality of ingredients, which are either from our own garden or sourced locally.

As we try to immerse our guests in a different experience with the food we serve, we like to offer various types of cuisine, such as Moroccan cuisine, Western style cuisine, and so on. The different recipes came together from chefs all over the world, which in itself already offers a lot of originality and diversity in the meals.

Each element of the dish, such as the type of food, its color, and the way it is served, is then included in each day’s particular experience.”
Aperitif at Ksar Ali - Dar Ahlam, in Atlas Mountains, Morocco
— Aperitif at Ksar Ali

— What kind of guests is Dar Ahlam perfect for?

Hicham: “Dar Ahlam is a very tranquil place where one can relax and spend quality time with their loved ones. Our hotel is perfect for people who want to unplug from daily life. Here they can be comfortable, sit back and let us do the creative planning such as what they will eat and where they’ll dine.

If we do have families with children visiting, we try to create spaces so that the families will be able to have their privacy just as all the other guests. There is plenty of space for that on the estate.”
 - Dar Ahlam, in Atlas Mountains, Morocco
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