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Cosma Lodge is managed by Volker, the owner.
60 - 105/night
Suitable for 2-4 people

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Cosma Lodge exterior - Cosma Lodge, in Maramures, Romania
— Volker: “Maramures took me back to my childhood, and it does that for others too.”
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— How would you describe Maramures Lodges including Cosma Lodge?

Volker: “Maramures Lodges are traditional wooden houses in Romania that have been restored with all comforts and turned into unique holiday homes on a large 100ha property facing a monastery.

They are highlights of Maramures architecture. There are five houses in total and we got them from different villages in the area several years ago, deconstructed them and rebuilt them on this piece of land.

They are absolutely traditional and we love them because they are masterpieces of Maramures woodworking crafts. They are also unique because of their size and one of them is very special because it is L-shaped and this type of house is very rare. They are between 150 and 300 years old.”
Cosma Lodge exterior - Cosma Lodge, in Maramures, Romania
— Cosma Lodge exterior

— What was your inspiration to acquire these country lodges, deconstruct them and and turn them into holiday rentals?

Volker: “When we started, we had no plan. It was only passion. Nowadays, old houses are demolished or burned down in order to make room for modern houses. The traditional village centres are disappearing, so we wanted to help to protect this traditional type of building.

Later on, we devised the plan to provide nice holiday accommodation for guests. We did this for two reasons. One was to share the houses with others, and the second was to have some help with reducing our costs.”
Maramures estate - Cosma Lodge, in Maramures, Romania
— Maramures estate

— Please describe the layout and the rooms of Cosma Lodge.

Volker: “Cosma Lodge is a perfect place to stay for families with children as it is located only a short walk from a local farm producing milk, eggs and cheese. The house itself is surrounded by a beautiful orchard on the opposite hills from our estate.

The house has around 100 sqm and offers two beautiful bedrooms for up to four people. This bright and sunny cottage is cozy and modern furnished and still preserves its individual character through its many traditional elements like the carvings and benches on the front porch, from where you have beautiful views of the Rodna and Tibles mountains and our estate in the valley.”
 - Cosma Lodge, in Maramures, Romania

— Please tell us a little bit about the interior of the holiday homes.

Volker: “My wife is an architect and a carpenter, so she is in charge of the design of the buildings. We discussed for a long time what to do, wondering whether to be more traditional or modern. My wife and I both love French antique furniture and paintings, so we purchased things in the northwest of France and Paris and combined them with traditional furniture from our village Botiza.

For example, in Maris Lodge we also have an original desk from Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor, the famous British travel writer. I was always inspired by his many travels and when there was an auction of some of his belongings, I bought his desk and some original books.”
View from Cosma Lodge - Cosma Lodge, in Maramures, Romania
— View from Cosma Lodge

— What about the facilities at the lodges?

Volker: “The holiday rentals are equipped with full kitchens and bathrooms, traditional heating on the upper floor and a wood stove on the first floor. However, there’s no television or music because we wanted to create a calm and quiet place.”
Harvest in Maramures - Cosma Lodge, in Maramures, Romania
— Harvest in Maramures

— To you personally, what is so special about these traditional Romanian country lodges?

Volker: “Maramures Lodges have a special atmosphere that immediately draws you in. It’s like lifting off to another time. When I’m here for three or four days, it’s a bit like time travel, with a simpler, slower pace. It’s like living 50 years in the past.”
 - Cosma Lodge, in Maramures, Romania
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