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Chambres d’Amis is managed by Anke, interior decorator.
65 - 475/night
Suitable for 1-12 people

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Chambres d’Amis courtyard - Chambres d’Amis, in Marrakech, Morocco
— Anke: “There is so much beauty in Moroccan simplicity and I’ve tried to show that in the house.”
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— How would you describe the riad in a few words?

Anke: “Chambres d’Amis is a charming bed & breakfast in the form of a traditional Moroccan riad. It is a lovely oasis hidden behind intricately decorated wooden doors and serves as a peaceful retreat in busy Marrakech, Morocco.”
Chambres d’Amis courtyard - Chambres d’Amis, in Marrakech, Morocco
— Chambres d’Amis courtyard

— How would you describe the atmosphere and the style of Chambres d’Amis?

Anke: “The style of Chambres d’Amis is contemporary Moroccan, simple rather than overly decorated. Unlike most traditional hotels in Marrakech, I chose to keep the house rather simple to establish a calming atmosphere. It doesn’t look designed, yet is contemporary, easy going and relaxed.

There is so much beauty in Moroccan simplicity and I’ve tried to show that in the house. Our approach has been recognized and published in several style magazines from many different countries.”
 - Chambres d’Amis, in Marrakech, Morocco

— Please tell us more about the B&B rooms and facilities.

Anke: “Chambres d’Amis is a small B&B with just six rooms in total. Each room has access to a private bathroom as well as a private balcony or private seating are in the form of a patio. They are all somewhat different from each other but have the same comfortable atmosphere.

There are many public as well as private areas with lots of space for relaxation. For example, the terrace is very big with lots of plants on it, which will make you feel like being in a rooftop garden. It is perfect for relaxing and spending the entire day up there. We even have a shower up there to refresh whenever needed.

The house also holds a small bar, a huge patio, a big garden-like reception area, and a common dining area with a fireplace that we use during the winter months.”
 - Chambres d’Amis, in Marrakech, Morocco

— What services do you offer your vacation guests staying at the riad?

Anke: “We offer European breakfast with Moroccan specialties and can also serve lunch and dinner on request. The food we offer is modern compared to the traditional food that can be found in most places in Marrakech. For those of our guests who prefer traditional Moroccan food, we can serve that as well.

Two of our hostesses are available all day to provide information for day trips, take reservations for lunch or dinner, and give recommendations for places to go and things to see. We can organize a lot to do during the day, such as bicycle tours in the city, vegetarian cooking classes, or even yoga retreats. We try to connect with each of our vacation guests in the mornings to make sure that they are well taken care of.

We try to provide a lot of personal attention to our guests at Chambres d’Amis. The culture shock can be quite tough, so we like to provide a good introduction and act as guides for our guests to make them more comfortable.”
Chambres d’Amis roof terrace - Chambres d’Amis, in Marrakech, Morocco
— Chambres d’Amis roof terrace

— What has been some of the feedback from your guests?

Anke: “Most of our guests remark on the unique style of Chambres d’Amis, which is a compliment for me because I am an interior designer. People enjoy the level of personal attention that is dedicated to each guest. We sometimes have clients who start their vacation in Marrakech for a few days, then take a tour in the country and come back here for their last night. Everyone tells us it’s like coming home and how nice of a feeling that is to have while on vacation.”
 - Chambres d’Amis, in Marrakech, Morocco

— What was your inspiration to rent out Chambres d’Amis as a B&B?

Anke: “Moroccan houses are just incredibly beautiful. They aren’t open to the outside but rather the inside and once you leave busy Marrakech behind and open the front door, it feels like entering a relaxing and calm oasis with plants and birds everywhere.

I had wanted to buy such a house for a long time but unfortunately was unable to buy it just for myself. When I did buy this house I bought it at a time when it was possible; now it would have been unaffordable for me. I bought it at the right time and decided to rent it out as it is 250 square meters in size and therefore perfect as a bed and breakfast. Eventually I bought another smaller house for myself, which is just around the corner from Chambres d’Amis.”
 - Chambres d’Amis, in Marrakech, Morocco
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