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Cangrejo y Toro is managed by Richard, the owner.
Suitable for up to 6 people

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Pool and ocean views - Cangrejo y Toro, in Mexican Riviera, Mexico
— Richard: “The villa is built on seven acres with 400 feet of private ocean front. I’ve had friends stay here who didn’t put clothes on for a week.”
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— How would you describe Cangrejo y Toro in a few words?

Richard: “Privacy. The villa is built on seven acres with 400 feet of private ocean front surrounded by tropical gardens and is located in Troncones on the Mexican Riviera. We are dedicated to making your vacation with us completely relaxing and memorable.”
Pool and ocean views - Cangrejo y Toro, in Mexican Riviera, Mexico
— Pool and ocean views

— What was your inspiration to rent out a vacation villa in Mexico?

Richard: “My wife, Nancy and I used to travel a lot and her family was in the luxury hotel business in the U.S. We always enjoyed finding special places to visit and received great inspiration from staying at places where the design as well as the service was fantastic. We grew tired of traveling though, so we designed a small cottage on the beach and had so much fun building it that we ended up with this large villa. It’s about 5,000 square feet and needs a lot of staff, which is expensive, so we decided to open it to the public.”
Palapa bedroom suite - Cangrejo y Toro, in Mexican Riviera, Mexico
— Palapa bedroom suite

— Did you buy the property and then renovate it?

Richard: “Yes. We bought the property, and chased the cows off... It took us about four years to get it all finished.

In the beginning, we bought an Air Stream trailer and had it dragged down onto the property so we could stay on the land to oversee the construction.

Cangrejo y Toro has been built with all natural materials. All the hardwood is from the surrounding jungle forests. The crews who built the structures were all from local towns and used traditional methods. It was quite exciting seeing the buildings rise from our dreams.”
 - Cangrejo y Toro, in Mexican Riviera, Mexico

— Please tell us a bit about the rooms at the villa.

Richard: “We have three bedroom suites which are all in separate buildings and have their own porches. Everything is separated out for privacy.

The main house has the communal areas, a kitchen, pantry, studio/library, full bathroom and an ocean-view dining and living room area. The lap pool extends from this structure out to the ocean.

The three bedrooms all have private shaded porches. Some have ocean views from the beds as you wake up and one has an amazing view of the Sierra Madre Mountain range. All rooms have indoor/outdoor bathrooms and high quality queen-size beds with organic linens.”
Domed bedroom suite - Cangrejo y Toro, in Mexican Riviera, Mexico
— Domed bedroom suite

— What do guests typically do on their vacations here?

Richard: “In the morning, we put on some music and they have breakfast. Then they go and hang out by the pool or go down to the beach.

During midday it gets really hot, so guests have nice big long lunches and then take a naps. There are a lot of private porches, hammocks and sitting areas to hide.

Morning fishing on local boats and sunset beach horseback riding are very popular as well as surfing with a local guide.”
 - Cangrejo y Toro, in Mexican Riviera, Mexico

— What type of services do you offer at Cangrejo y Toro?

Richard: “The couple who staff the beach house are from the nearby fishing village of Majahua. Paloma is an amazing chef and housekeeper, and Marco takes care of the pool and does all the gardening. We grow our own mangos and papayas and also have an organic vegetable garden. Our house manager, Lisa, meets our guests upon their arrival and will stop by during their stay. She is just an email away, and so are we.

We offer in-house spa services and can arrange kayak tours, surfing lessons, horseback tours and things like that. Besides normal tropical breakfasts with Mexican coffee, fruit and little bread things, we also offer a gourmet Mexican food service plan with a chef and three meals a day, so you don’t ever have to leave the villa.”
 - Cangrejo y Toro, in Mexican Riviera, Mexico
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