Brody House is managed by Will and Peter, the owners.
70 - 140/night
Suitable for 2-3 people

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Alex Tinei bed and bath - Brody House, in Budapest, Hungary
— Will and Peter: “One of the writers wrote that Brody House is a doorway as much as a house, a refuge to the higher mind and the creative spirit. We were quite surprised and flattered by that.”
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— Brody House has a very rich history. Please tell us a bit about the house, the different proprietors and how it became a hub for creativity and the arts today.

Will and Peter: “Brody House sits in the ‘Palace Quarter’ in central Budapest next door to the former Parliament of Hungary. Once Parliament left, the house was reconfigured for a doctor and then a prime minister moved in. When communism kicked in after the war, the house was cut up into different units.

It was in a bad shape when we bought it and we opened up some of the rooms. While considering how to renovate it, we rented it out to our artist friends and promoted them through exhibitions. That was the start of the art side of things.

Today we also invite people to come here and be creative. Being a beacon to support that and providing a place where people can share ideas is something we thought the city needed.

Our renovations brought out the charm of the past and adding today’s world in terms of using the most out of the resources and being creative and smart with them. When you do that, you create this unique environment which people find inspiring.”
Alex Tinei bed and bath - Brody House, in Budapest, Hungary
— Alex Tinei bed and bath

— What was your inspiration to turn it into a members’ club?

Will and Peter: “We would often find ourselves in the position of entertaining, so we thought we might as well have a more structured approach to it. That enabled us to not be the ones driving and doing, but to actually have people buy into the concept, allowing us to have more guests and creative inspiration rather than just the operation component.

It all started with our personal friends and people we like to see on a regular basis. That’s still very much the ethos - people who bring something to the table without being too brutal about it. That could be energy, entertainment, charm, great ideas, whatever. They bring something that enhances the experience for everybody else.

All the activities that we do at the club are about creative things – whether it be someone coming to do a little opera performance, or a new band playing, a new documentary film, a new art exhibition, whatever it may be. People who want to support that contribute to get involved.”
Droga bedroom - Brody House, in Budapest, Hungary
— Droga bedroom

— All the rooms are styled individually featuring the work of Brody House’s artists. Did the artists do the complete interior design?

Will and Peter: “If the artists didn’t manage to pay their rent, they would give us some of their artwork. It was a way of getting them engaged so they feel they have a little bit of a stakeholding in the concept. It was all seen as positive and reinforcing, and it shows the integrity of the artistic nature of the project.

We have a design and renovation business that works on other properties as well. That team was responsible in terms of the features and the way in which we renovated each room. The artists would chip in when they had an idea, but it was under the directorship of our own team.

As for the furniture, a lot of it is being restored from flea markets, dumps, throw-out days. We’ve taken quite odd things that people wouldn’t necessarily think of using as furniture. That’s one of our core philosophies – one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure. In places like Budapest, you really have to push that – make something new out of what you’ve already got.”
 - Brody House, in Budapest, Hungary

— Besides the rooms, do you also feature work from artists throughout Brody House?

Will and Peter: “Yes. There’s a club space. We use it for the promotion of creativity. We feature work of the Brody House artists, but also other artists who we think are interesting, have a story, and their art can potentially be suitable for putting up on the walls and using the space for promotion in some shape or form.

Part of the base of people we are friendly with are from London, the States, or wherever else, it gives them another reason to come and visit. Not just that the rooms are cool and funky, but there’s also a social and cultural experience that awaits, which may serve to make the city a more interesting experience. They get to meet fun people here, either visiting or locals, and it’s a reinforcing reason for people to come and hopefully revisit.”
Bedroom - Brody House, in Budapest, Hungary
— Bedroom

— What would you describe to be the spirit or essence of Brody House and your philosophy?

Will and Peter: “There was an article written recently by a magazine called Think. One of the writers wrote that Brody House is a doorway as much as a house, a refuge to the higher mind and the creative spirit. We were quite surprised and flattered by that.

The spirit is about being open, open-minded, inclusive, welcoming, fresh thinking. It is integrity, fun, dynamism. Creativity is a massively overused word, but it is relevant. In the club space, for instance, guests can have conversations that don’t feel forced or artificial. That’s something which is gratifying to see.”
Claret de Fleurieu bedroom - Brody House, in Budapest, Hungary
— Claret de Fleurieu bedroom

— Please tell us a bit about the facilities and amenities of Brody House.

Will and Peter: “What we offer is being able to point you in the right direction and show you the best of what Budapest has to offer as an experience. If you want a massage, we’ll organize someone to come. If you want to go to a spa, we can recommend the best spa to go to. We don’t have our own restaurant, but a private chef with whom we work exclusively to organize meals. And breakfast is usually provided in the club area.

So, our guests are given a temporary club membership during their stay. It’s a somewhat hippy community concept in so far as people are welcome to borrow books, music, DVDs, and there is an honesty bar as well. It has a smart, private home feel.

Members may also use the club area for the purpose of hosting their own things. The best you can do with Brody House is to book the whole thing as a group and have it as your own house for the weekend, have your own dinner party there, and use the club rooms.”
 - Brody House, in Budapest, Hungary
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