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Bassivière is managed by Ilse, the owners.
145 - 280/night
Suitable for 4-7 people

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Bassivière restaurant - Bassivière, in Périgord, France
— Niels: “Bassivière might just be the kind of French country holiday you’ve been dreaming of. It is truly beautiful with the rolling hills, sunflower fields, small farms, vineyards and excellent restaurants.”
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— How would you describe Bassivière in a nutshell?

Niels: “Just south of the Dordogne in the region of Lot-et-Garonne in southwest France, Bassivière are five boutique holiday apartments in an original 17th century farmhouse. The barn and the medieval tower now house luxurious loft apartments with contemporary industrial design. The entire property has a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere with lots of space. It’s embedded in nature and has all the comforts one could want.”
Bassivière restaurant - Bassivière, in Périgord, France
— Bassivière restaurant

— Please describe the layout of the property.

Niels: “Bassivière is surrounded by hills and small farms and is located on two and a half hectares of land. As the houses sit on quite a slope, there is a nice view of the swimming pool and the wooded hills in the distance. All the buildings are arranged with enough distance between them to ensure privacy.

We have a long driveway with trees on each side and parking spots for our guests. An old cow barn is at the end of the drive, which now houses four of the apartments. Just opposite the old farmhouse where we reside is a medieval pigeon tower from the 15th century, which was turned into a holiday home. When you walk past the farmhouse there’s our glass and steel restaurant La Cantine Perchée built against it.

There is also a heated swimming pool that all guests can use.”
Apartment 1 - Bassivière, in Périgord, France
— Apartment 1

— Please tell us about the apartments at Bassivière.

Niels: “There are 5 loft-style apartments of which four are within the old barn and the fifth is in the original Pigeonnier. The apartments are about 100 to 140 square meters and each of them has a different layout with creative and fun sleeping areas for the kids.

The four apartments in the barn combine country-atmosphere with industrial design and contemporary luxury. They are set up over two or three levels, some with a mezzanine, all with huge windows and private terraces.

The old medieval tower was turned into apartment No 5 with two bedrooms. It is ideal for couples or small families. It is certainly the most romantic of all five. It is very private, separated off from the other apartments and, like the others, has access to a private outside area. An old stone bread oven in the living area is the focal point of the space, creating a charming atmosphere with lots of warmth and comfort.”
 - Bassivière, in Périgord, France

— How would you describe the atmosphere at Bassivière?

Niels: “Bassivière might just be the kind of rural country holiday you’ve been dreaming of in France. The old structures carry an incredible charm and the contemporary design and fun creations within each apartment make it a unique place to visit. Original stonewalls and oak ceiling beams are combined with urban steel, concrete floors and huge windows. It is comfortable yet at the same time has a very attractive modern-vintage feeling.”
Bassivière pool - Bassivière, in Périgord, France
— Bassivière pool

— Who should stay at Bassivière and who should rather book something else?

Niels: “Most of our guests come here for the good food, the good wine and a nice romantic getaway, especially in months like May, June, September, and October when we have mostly couples. During July and August we do have a lot of families coming to stay with us. Therefore, the ideal type of guest really depends on each individual month. We do have quiet times that are rather peaceful but we also have busier times when there are several families here at one time.”
Apartment 4 - Bassivière, in Périgord, France
— Apartment 4

— Please tell us about other facilities and services offered.

Niels: “Our heated swimming pool is very popular, especially with the kids. The outdoor play area for the kids with swings, a trampoline, table tennis and a zip line is a great meeting point for all the kids. There are a lot of people who come here in July and August with families. The apartments cater to families and each of them has a special sleeping area for the little ones.

Our guests can book massages at our massage room, take yoga lessons, and we can organize wine tastings at one of the chateaus nearby.

Furthermore we do offer art workshops for the entire family and also have art exhibitions on the premises.”
 - Bassivière, in Périgord, France
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