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Discover the world through your children’s eyes:

Short guide: Family holidays
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Dress up like a bunny, dip in a natural swimming pool or watch wild elephants in the bush. Discover the world through your children’s eyes at these unique family vacation spots all over the world. Welcome Beyond introduces some of its favourites.
By Welcome Beyond

— Family holidays pick #1: Le Camp in Midi-Pyrénées, France

Le Camp is located in idyllic Tarn et Garonne, in the heart of rural France. A camp of six yurts, each holding two to four people, providing an eco-friendly yet comfortable family vacation — as adventurous as camping can be! Sally, the owner: “We know what it is like to travel with kids and how hard that can be. So we have all the kit and caboodle that you could possibly need for the kids here.”
Le Camp in Midi-Pyrénées, France
— Le Camp, a massive playground

— What’s there to explore?
A playing area for kids, quite spread out so families can either meet or enjoy plenty of personal space. You can do canoeing trips, explore local markets or jump into the natural swimming pool (if its wild inhabitants will let you, roaw!). Barbecues will fill up empty tummies!

— Family holidays pick #3: Stokkoya Sjøsenter in Stokkøy, Norway

The beach houses of Stokkoya Sjøsenter are nicely interacting with the surrounding landscape of Støkkoy island. Most of it is still untouched, wild sheep graze on ancient fields and eagles can be seen gliding across the sky. What we like most is that even large families can absolutely afford renting a sub unit as well as enjoying the top-quality seafood & wines offered at the legendary beach bar.
Stokkoya Sjøsenter in Stokkøy, Norway
— Beach hot tub for kids

— What’s there to explore?
The beach! It’s all about relaxing and down-time on the peaceful and quiet island. Catch fish for dinner, paddle or go sailing. And the kids? Just take rubber ducky for a warm bath in the sensational outdoor bathtub at the beach!

— Family holidays pick #2: Jaci’s Lodges in Madikwe, South Africa

Let’s go on Safari! Jaci’s Lodges is a very family-orientated safari lodge in the amazing game reserve Madikwe. There are two adventurous game drives a day, leaving enough time in between to relax at the pool. Best of all: The area is Malaria free. Owner Jan tells me: “I think what makes it so special is the fact that you don’t need video games or television. The bush is the best video game in the world. Our children have never been bored and I think that is just inspirational.”
Jaci’s Lodges in Madikwe, South Africa
— Ready for safari!

— What’s there to explore?
Come on, it’s a Safari! Parents might also like the ‘starbed’ with stunning views onto the wide night sky, the tree lodge bathtub overviewing the bush or the exquisite South African cuisine.
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