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Shakti Himalaya is managed by Lucy, Director.
$480 - $720/night
Suitable for 1-2 people

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Shakti Leti private terrace - Shakti Himalaya, in Himalaya, India
— Lucy: “We will arrange visits to local schools, monasteries and markets to enable you to get a full understanding of the culture of each region, its people, religion and customs.”
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— Please tell us a little bit about Shakti Himalaya.

Lucy: “We offer individually tailored adventures throughout the Indian Himalaya, allowing our guests to enjoy the villages and rural life in remote mountain regions. Shakti started in 2004 with the Shakti Kumaon Village Walk. We then progressed to add in Shakti 360° Leti, Shakti Ladakh, and Shakti Sikkim.”
Shakti Leti private terrace - Shakti Himalaya, in Himalaya, India
— Shakti Leti private terrace

— Please tell us a bit more about the Shakti experiences and walks.

Lucy: “Shakti Himalaya is about offering different experiences without driving from one point to another, which is the way that India touring normally works and which doesn’t let you immerse yourself in the local culture.

Accompanied by local guides, you walk from house to house with each trip tailored to your needs, age or fitness level. You step out of the modern world, walking between remote villages and staying in traditional village houses, which we’ve taken on a long lease in each region and renovated.

We offer our guests a great landscape for walking, but also cultural immersion. It’s a nice mix between independent travel and actually having a Shakti bed at the end of the day.

For example, if you want to do an eight-hour hike from one point to another, we’ll do a certain route. If you’d rather just walk two hours and then do something cultural, we’ll do a morning walk to a certain viewpoint or a village walk, have a picnic and maybe go and teach for a few hours in a school.”
Shakti Kumaon bedroom - Shakti Himalaya, in Himalaya, India
— Shakti Kumaon bedroom

— And during the trips everything is taken care of?

Lucy: “Everything. You’ll never put your hand in your pocket for anything unless you go into a nearby market perhaps. You get the Shakti beds, the Shakti food and the Shakti guide. Everything is included. I think the all-inclusiveness, both in terms of money and in terms of the culture is a big part of Shakti.

You’ll also never have to share the experience or the accommodations with anybody else outside your group. It will always only be you, your group and your guide.”
 - Shakti Himalaya, in Himalaya, India

— Is there anything else important to mention to understand how it works?

Lucy: “The villages are in very remote, rural regions. People don’t speak English. The houses are real village houses. You might hear a goat outside the window, there might be granny coming through with her sheep halfway through breakfast. It’s a great experience to be part of the village.

The inside of the houses are very comfortable. We use the best mattresses, duvets, pillows, and toiletries. We also grow our own organic food and have a strong eco-focus throughout the company.

Because we respect the villages we’re in, the villagers respect us too. For example, we’ll start up a game of cricket and leave the cricket out for the boys in the village. That is going to give them so much more than a big bag of sweets or hotel shampoo bottles.

Getting internet is never guaranteed in any of our areas. Phones won’t always work. We don’t have constant electricity or air conditioning, but then you really don’t need it here. As long as you understand that, Shakti will be a very rewarding experience.”
Shakti Leti cottage - Shakti Himalaya, in Himalaya, India
— Shakti Leti cottage

— The guides and chefs are all local people from the villages?

Lucy: “Yes. Everybody is from the mountains or has lived in the mountains for the majority of their lives.

For example, the staff at Leti is the same team there today as it was when we opened in 2008. We don’t have a high turnover of staff. The big mountains are lovely, but the staff are what makes it all extraordinary. You can see the happiness and contentment in what they’re doing.

We’ve trained the chefs and everybody else, yet each house you go to will serve slightly different food. One house will have their own cake recipe that they love, and another house will have a biscuit that they love, or a different way of making a chicken curry.”
Phyang Monastery - Shakti Himalaya, in Himalaya, India
— Phyang Monastery
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