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Onar Andros is managed by Mateo, the owner.
170 - 650/night
Suitable for 2-7 people

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Onar Andros Stone House - Onar Andros, in Cyclades, Greece
— Mateo: “It’s one of the completely unspoiled places of Greece. The land is the same as it was 200 years ago because it’s a protected national park for the wetlands, rare animals and plants that live there.”
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— How would you describe Onar in a nutshell?

Mateo: “The word Onar translated from Greek means ‘dream’, which is a very accurate expression of what Onar Andros means to me. It is my dream come true, my way of enjoying life in such a beautiful country as Greece.

Onar is built as a meeting point between our guests and nature. We want to protect the natural landscape while creating a settlement of a few vacation homes in complete harmony with its environment.”
Onar Andros Stone House - Onar Andros, in Cyclades, Greece
— Onar Andros Stone House

— What was your inspiration to create such a vacation destination?

Mateo: “I was born in London yet grew up in Greece. Every summer my family would go to Andros Island for vacation as we have a beautiful old family house there. Unfortunately as a teenager I was unable to appreciate the beauty of the place and found it rather boring.

However, when I was older I came back here with friends and immediately fell in love with the island. The place had an amazing beach with huge fields, waterfalls, small streaming ponds – it was just something exceptional.

When I decided to move back to Greece I knew that I had to find my own special piece of land on which to build a farm. I wanted to use natural materials to build with and only create few structures on the land. When I started looking for the right place to make my dream come true I remembered Andros at just the right time for me to go back there again.”
Restaurant - Onar Andros, in Cyclades, Greece
— Restaurant

— How many houses are there at Onar Andros?

Mateo: “There are ten vacation homes of different sizes. The materials and design are basically the same, but some have space for three people and others for five people. The bigger houses have two bedrooms, two bathrooms on the first floor and a big living room and kitchenette on the other floor. There is also one villa with space for up to seven people.

The first two houses I built had no electricity at all as it started of as a private place for my friends, and me. But as more people started to come visit, I built two more houses and added electricity. Step by step, over the last 10 years, I have been adding things every year to improve each house. This definitely is a lifetime project.”
Andros village in the Cyclades - Onar Andros, in Cyclades, Greece
— Andros village in the Cyclades

— What kinds of facilities are available to the guests?

Mateo: “The rentals homes are simple yet include all the necessary facilities. However, we adopt a less-is-more concept. Time at Onar is all about nature and the concept of sharing with others from all over the world, communicating and exchanging experiences. Guests are offered homemade food from our organic garden, with other ingredients from the island. Every morning our cook will ask if there are any special requests or allergies to be aware of. We offer breakfast and then organise lunch, often something like a barbecue on the beach or an excursion down the river where they can stop to eat at local farms and taste local wines.”
Onar Andros bedroom - Onar Andros, in Cyclades, Greece
— Onar Andros bedroom

— How would you describe the atmosphere at Onar Andros?

Mateo: “What we try to offer is a mixture of childhood memories of how good life used to be, providing a safe, pure atmosphere like it was in Greece in the 70s & 80s.

This is why such a remote place in the Cyclades was chosen. Onar is about nature in the middle of nowhere. If you want to go out at night and enjoy the bar scene, you might want to choose another destination. Here everything is really relaxed.”
Terrace - Onar Andros, in Cyclades, Greece
— Terrace

— What is so special about staying at Onar?

Mateo: “Number one is the amazing location on Andros. It’s one of the completely unspoiled regions of the Cycladic Islands, and in fact of Greece. The land is the same as it was 200 years ago because it’s a protected national park for the wetlands, rare animals and plants that live there.

I try to make my guests feel as if they are my friends staying at my home. It’s very personal and comfortable like a friend’s house.

It’s a small retreat with only a few people there at one time. Visitors are from all around the world and often keep in touch with the people they met here. Many people come back again the next year together with the friends they made here.”
Ahla beach - Onar Andros, in Cyclades, Greece
— Ahla beach
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