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Ibiza Villa is managed by Albert, the owner.
570 - 928/night
Suitable for up to 6 people

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Ibiza Villa - Ibiza Villa, in Ibiza, Spain
— Albert: “It’s such a peaceful place, we come here to rejuvenate. You feel the energy of Ibiza and take in all the calming atmosphere of its land, trees, sky and the sea. It is like medicine, only much better.”
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— How would you describe Ibiza Villa in a nutshell?

Albert: “Ibiza Villa is a luxurious vacation rental located in Ibiza, isolated on more than 10,000 square meters of land, with a spectacular view of the sea. From here you can watch the sun set every day of the year. Even in the summer, when the island tends to get more crowded, this is still a rather quiet and peaceful place, perfect to calm down and relax.”
Ibiza Villa - Ibiza Villa, in Ibiza, Spain
— Ibiza Villa

— How did it all start? What was your inspiration?

Albert: “As an interior photographer, having shot houses in Ibiza for the last 15 years, I now know the island and its people very well. With all the houses I have seen, this one we found without really looking for it. It is an old house, built 150 years ago, which had been abandoned for 40 years. You can imagine how it looked like, without a ceiling, the walls crumbling and no electrical wiring.

Renovations took about five years. However, the first two years were spent gathering permissions and getting all paperwork in order. The house is protected due to its location close to the sea as well as its age. We worked with an architect originally from Ibiza, and my wife and I did the interior decoration.”
View from terrace - Ibiza Villa, in Ibiza, Spain
— View from terrace

— How would you describe the interior design of the villa?

Albert: “We wanted to respect the building and the land, the simplicity of the place, so we kept all the aspects the house had 150 years ago, creating a dialogue between the past and the present. Therefore, the rooms were kept the same and the house was decorated in a simple and discreet manner with simple wooden furniture, kilims and individual pieces we collected throughout our travels.

The countryside and the sea are the key components of the place, it allows us to be immersed in nature, without intervening. For example, we used the existing old sabina beams which are native to Ibiza to build the ceilings and you will find the green of the pine trees and the red of the bougainvillea also inside the house in some of the rugs and furniture we collected.”
 - Ibiza Villa, in Ibiza, Spain

— What made you decide to rent it out to vacation guests?

Albert: “Even though we stay at the house several times throughout the year, we are still not there as often as we would like. Since several people had inquired about renting the house for a vacation or photo shoots, we decided to let others to enjoy the house while we are not there.

The house is set into such a peaceful environment, we come here to relax from work and rejuvenate. You can feel the energy of Ibiza as well as take in all the calming atmosphere of its land, trees, sky and the sea. It is like medicine, only much better.”
View from the villa - Ibiza Villa, in Ibiza, Spain
— View from the villa

— Please tell us more about the villa rental’s rooms and facilities.

Albert: “The vacation rental is 150 square meters in total with 3 double bedrooms and a bathroom each, a lounge, a kitchen, a dining room, as well as a big terrace with a shaded cane pergola, a swimming pool, and a laundry room.

One bedroom is located in the main building and few meters away there are two more bedrooms in two guest houses, each with their own double bedroom and bathroom.

We provide cleaning services, but the house is really self-catering. Our guests can help themselves to figs, almonds, olives and wild asparagus growing in our gardens. We can furthermore arrange catering and chefs if guests want it, but we don’t have a chef on site.”
Ibiza Villa pool - Ibiza Villa, in Ibiza, Spain
— Ibiza Villa pool
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