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Honor & Folly is managed by Meghan, Journalist.
$165 - $215/night
Suitable for 2-4 people

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Honor & Folly living area - Honor & Folly, in Michigan, United States
— Meghan: “I’ve always preferred lived-in interiors that mix styles and feel personal over buttoned-up spaces that adhere to a specific style.”
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— What was your inspiration to open a two-room Inn?

Meghan: “I’ve been writing about small-scale, interesting places to stay on designtripper.com for the last year and a half. Inspired by good design and thoughtful details, I started dreaming about an Inn or Bed and Breakfast here in Detroit — in my own neighborhood. I wanted people who visit Detroit to really know what it's like to live here — to be immersed in a neighborhood with tons of creative, interesting people instead of 30 flights up in a high-rise hotel downtown, where not many people live. I also wanted to extend the experience of designtripper to a physical location — and get out from behind the computer a little bit.”
Honor & Folly living area - Honor & Folly, in Michigan, United States
— Honor & Folly living area

— Because of your work as a travel writer you have seen many amazing places around the world. In what way has this influenced Honor & Folly?

Meghan: “The places I’m most attracted to when I travel are the places that tell a story about their location — places that make you feel like you could really live there. I think the way people travel is changing. People want an intimate, authentic experience — something that feels special and personal, instead of a hotel room that could be anywhere in the world and doesn't really have a direct relationship to its surroundings.

When I travel, I always go to the local food markets, and it’s great to have the space to cook — maybe even invite some friends over. Some of my best travel experiences have been in vacation homes, apartments or b&bs with kitchens. It’s really something special to walk around the space and absorb little stories about the folks who contributed, or the owners who have put in so much time and effort to build things by hand. It makes you appreciate someone’s work and feel really taken care of — but not in a room service kind of way.”
Sleeping area - Honor & Folly, in Michigan, United States
— Sleeping area

— Please tell us a bit about the different rooms, the facilities and services that you are offering.

Meghan: “Honor & Folly is ultimately a second-floor apartment that can be rented by the room, or in its entirety. It’s decorated with a mix of antiques, refurbished thrift-store finds and local design. One of the big draws, second to its great neighborhood location, is the fully functional cooking kitchen with an oversized island and hand-built stools. We hold a cooking class there every week, and guests are welcome to participate. It's a good way for the out-of-town guests to mix with the locals, and it’s a lot of fun. In the summer, we have bikes on hand and have a great straw shoulder picnic basket that you can take over to the train station park. We can even arrange food from Astro downstairs.”
 - Honor & Folly, in Michigan, United States

— You say that there is something compelling about a space created for unplugging, slowing down, enjoying life. How would you describe the style of the interior?

Meghan: “Before I started my blog, I was the editor-in-chief of an interiors magazine. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful spaces, and I know what I like. Decorating a space isn’t that much different from editing a story and putting together a magazine. It’s about curating. I’ve always preferred lived-in interiors that mix styles and feel personal over buttoned-up spaces that adhere to a specific style. When decorating Honor & Folly, I tried to think about how someone would want to feel in the space while they’re visiting. I wanted guests to feel comfortable and enveloped, since much of the landscape is so wide open.”
Dining area - Honor & Folly, in Michigan, United States
— Dining area

— Continued...

Meghan: “One of the most important parts of the space is the view from the big front windows. You can see the abandoned train station, the beautiful Ambassador bridge to Canada, an installation by a local art collective, and two towering, ornate church steeples. It’s a magical view, so I put a big dining room table close to the window, so a guest could sit in the morning with breakfast and a cup of tea, looking out at one of the most striking, unconventional views of the entire city. I also tried to pay attention to details, creating little vignettes for people to look at, and creating a layer of interest with books, independent magazines and interesting objects that relate to Detroit and the creative, interesting people who live here.”
Honor & Folly living area - Honor & Folly, in Michigan, United States
— Honor & Folly living area

— You also mention that small B&Bs or Inns inspire a different, more intimate kind of travel experience. To you personally, what is so special about Honor & Folly?

Meghan: “Honor & Folly, in a way, is a throwback to the way folks used to travel — back when people used to stop at the village pub or tavern and sleep in a bed upstairs after filling their bellies with a hearty meal and a few pints. I’m drawn to the idea of recreating that intimate neighborhood experience in a more modern vernacular. I think visitors will learn more about the city from sitting beside a local on a bar stool or at the coffee shop downstairs than they could ever get from a travel guide.”
 - Honor & Folly, in Michigan, United States
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