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Ferme du Vigneron is managed by Meilin, Interior designer.
523 - 1042/night
Suitable for 6-10 people

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Holiday home exterior - Ferme du Vigneron, in Provence, France
— Meilin: “We took advantage of the large grounds we have with a wild Mediterranean forest of oak trees, rosemary, thyme and other types of herbs.”
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— Please tell us about the history of the farm.

Meilin: “Originally, our holiday home was a vintner’s farm that also had some livestock. This road is a succession of farms, many of them now turned into family homes, but the land is still mainly agricultural. We are surrounded by vineyards producing Côte du Rhône wine, and walking distance up the road are some ancient olive groves.”
Living area - Ferme du Vigneron, in Provence, France
— Living area

— What kind of facilities do you have at the house?

Meilin: “The main house has three bedrooms and the guest suite has two more bedrooms. Every bedroom has its own bathroom or shower room, to allow for privacy. The main house also has a TV room, a laundry room, an office, a large eat-in kitchen and a grand living-dining room which we very much enjoy for its space and comfort. There is also a separate gym with a step master, a stationary bike, yoga equipment and a TV with DVD player.

The exteriors include a courtyard with beautiful Mont Ventoux views, a terrace with a BBQ and a summer kitchen by the pool, several sitting and lounging areas in the garden with opened views over the medieval town of Vaison, a swimming pool and a pétanque court. The garden was landscaped around the house, but we left the original native forest of oak trees, parasol pines, thyme, rosemary and native bushes largely untouched. We don’t have any direct neighbors because of the size of the property grounds.”
Kid’s bedroom - Ferme du Vigneron, in Provence, France
— Kid’s bedroom

— What was your inspiration to buy an old vintner’s farm and turn it into a luxury holiday home?

Meilin: “It is something we had in mind for several years: we were visiting houses in several areas in the south of France. It was by chance that we visited this house after turning down another one that was too small in a nearby village. We fell in love with the size of the house, the views, and the perfect location very close to town, yet with no neighbors. We didn’t mind the dilapidated state of the place as it was exactly what we were looking for: the renovation allowed us to tailor the space to our needs.”
 - Ferme du Vigneron, in Provence, France

— Tell us a bit about the refurbishment and the interior please.

Meilin: “The place was run-down and had been abandoned for about 10 years. It was basically a ruin. We used to live in London at the time. I came down to meet with the architect and builders every month for a long weekend or more in order to oversee the works and choose the materials. The fireplace, the terra-cotta floors of the guest suite, and all of the main house’s doors are reclaimed from old houses. It was very important for me to have some antique materials as most of the original features of the house were lost, except for the kitchen’s ceiling, and I didn’t want the house to look new, but to show some link to its past. The renovation took 12 months.

The interior design of the holiday home is pared down and bright: light is very important to me, I need plenty of it! The decoration is restrained and restricted to functional items in order to make the space open and easy to use for everyone. I was looking for a serene, open and welcoming style.”
Dining room - Ferme du Vigneron, in Provence, France
— Dining room

— What has been most rewarding about the whole experience?

Meilin: “I used to be a veterinary surgeon and have recently taken interior design as a profession. People have been very encouraging about my new career as a designer when realizing how involved I am in the interior design of the house. I’ve also had some really nice comments from people who felt at home straight away because they thought the house was so user-friendly.”
En-suite bathrooms - Ferme du Vigneron, in Provence, France
— En-suite bathrooms

— Please tell us a bit about your eco policy.

Meilin: “I work very hard on having an eco friendly attitude in our house as I think it affects us all in our daily life. For example, our garden is pesticide and fertilizer-free, it is planted with mediterranean plants that need very little or no water. I can also proudly say that we haven't used any biocides on the devastating box tree moth caterpillars, instead controlling it with pheromone traps, when it normally takes 2-3 treatments of very strong pesticides. We compost the grass cuttings, which is the only fertilizer we use and I also compost kitchen waste which I encourage the guests to do as well. So far most have been very pleased with it as it noticeably reduces the amount of waste. It is very easy to separate as there is a dedicated stainless steel bin in the kitchen worktop especially designed for it.”
 - Ferme du Vigneron, in Provence, France
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