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Cape Villa is managed by Sandy, the Owner.
Suitable for 4-6 people

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God’s Window views - Cape Villa, in Western Cape, South Africa
— Sandy: “Nighttime is amazing, there is no sound whatsoever. The sky is full of stars. Forget the Sistine Chapel, this sky is magnificent!”
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— What was your inspiration to build this stunning minimalist villa?

Sandy: “I used to work in the financial markets and in 2005 I decided to get out of the rat race early and retire. I needed somewhere really quiet where I could literally get out of civilization, and I found this place. Because it was so wild — there was no power, no water, no infrastructure – it took me three years to create this retreat.

When we retired, we just thought we didn’t want to travel for a while, so rather than us traveling, we said why not bring people to us. I invited a couple of these Wall Street brokers to stay with us, they asked to come visit again and again — suddenly I had lots of friends.

So, it started as a hobby, but the objective was always to interact with nice, quality people and share our cultures.”
God’s Window views - Cape Villa, in Western Cape, South Africa
— God’s Window views

— To you personally, what is so unique about this villa?

Sandy: “We’ve got the mountains behind us and the sea in front, giving us gorgeous views and killer sunsets. It’s nature in its purity. That’s what makes the villa so special. It hasn’t been spoiled by civilization yet.

Even our top private game farms in South Africa have been commercialised and too much civilisation has been brought into them. We tried to keep the architecture non-invasive and let nature speak where the four hectares of lawn end.”
Kitchen - Cape Villa, in Western Cape, South Africa
— Kitchen

— You already mentioned the architecture. Please tell me a bit more about what you wanted to achieve.

Sandy: “Architecture is a hobby of mine, I just love defining spaces. I have done other buildings before in different styles. For this villa I moved to crisp minimalism — glass, steel, stone, only natural materials with very fine finishes.

For the building, we have created a U-shape, part of which has been moved away from the building. So you have an L-shape that consists of the main bedroom, living areas and an entertainment area, kitchen, lounge, and dining area.

The extra L that comes down the side has a 30 meter hole through it. The mountain in front of us creates a basin right around you, and if you look carefully, you'll see the shape of a sleeping dragon lying on the eastern section. His head is up in the mountains and his tail is at the bottom. You cannot interfere with the dragon’s view, that’s why we made this hole through the building. It’s been arranged in a Feng Shui manner. You don’t want to disturb the dragon!”
 - Cape Villa, in Western Cape, South Africa

— And the grounds around the building are following the same concept?

Sandy: “Yes, next to the main house we have a rose garden in the shape of a maze. There’s a gazebo overgrown with roses, bringing in the concept of Zen with perfumed flowers and herbs. It’s a special place to have breakfast. Then you can move to a place around the pool and enjoy that patio area with a view of the mountain.

Up into the eastern slope, I created about a hectare of natural sloping lawn which I formed with trees to create a formal park and right in front of us is the mountain that splits into what’s called a kloof — a passage into the mountain, like a big gorge. It’s the source of a river where ancient ferns grow wild. There is an indigenous type of rainforest with about 4,000 trees that are 400 years or older.”
Villa and pool area - Cape Villa, in Western Cape, South Africa
— Villa and pool area

— Please tell us a bit about the facilities and services at the villa.

Sandy: “We’ve got two en suite bedrooms at the villa with really comfortable beds and pure Egyptian cotton duvets. Our bedroom is the third room, but if someone comes who’s very special and asks for it, providing that they take it for a minimum of three nights, we might rent it as well.

My wife is from Afrikaans origin and she loves to cook and spoil our guests. So we cook them a delicious dinner, offer them great South African wine or malt whiskey — whatever they want, we’ll put it together for them. We have a premium malt collection and award-winning wines from the Cape Winemakers Guild that are not available to the general public.

Safety is also a concern for some of our guests. We alarmed the house and put electronic beams that run around the property to keep everybody safe.”
Bathroom - Cape Villa, in Western Cape, South Africa
— Bathroom

— What would you describe to be your philosophy?

Sandy: “We try to aim for the quality type of client to have a more meaningful, intellectual and friendly interaction with our guests. Our objective here isn’t to make money, because with this investment, I could never have a return on it. The villa rental pays a few of the bills just to make it sensible, but the real objective is to find nice people who spend their holidays with us for a couple of nights, to have some wine together and exchange pleasantries. We like the personal interaction.”
 - Cape Villa, in Western Cape, South Africa
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